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Below is a snapshot of what makes HBD the #1 baseball simulation game on any device.
1 Spots Open
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Americans dfdarby 0 113
Cheetahs outlaw 6-4-3 11 88
Howling Sukebe Saffron 12 373
Sloshed Sluggers svick39 0 156
Franchise Owner Titles Season
21s drummer_66 1 59
Comets kujhawker 0 219
Orioles westolla 0 89
Peejas nelsonba25 12 176
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Rowdies dayte327 1 220
Beaners scarpio 0 36
REDS mrx39 2 158
We back timothygroth 1 51
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colt 45's goblue812 0 38
Gigantes stealcompany 0 102
High Rollers msmsales 2 91
Stars shiffy 1 106
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dreamers vegascowboy 0 70
Lumpies pitboss13 4 126
River Rats HAWKEYEONE 2 227
Wild 1's renrog 1 154
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Ironclads mpwood 0 32
Merchants shesaid 8 258
Plainsmen aumackenzie 10 107
Rebels wrecks 13 160
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Available Franchise none 0 0
Kingpins locomoco 0 5
Mustaches kellytheguy 0 43
Section 31 Josh_Exley 0 5
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cougars alanzahm 4 120
Creasy Bear johncreasy 3 102
LA CroBys cro3147 0 232
Sea Dogs tbone66 1 163
World Chat
Glad to have you aboard loco.Only need 1 more.
Thanks drummer. Happy to be here.
Welcome to locomoco and the Little Rock Kingpins!
Hey, guys: Sorry this is taking much longer than any of us wants. Been sending out invites and asking others. Any other ideas?
outlaw 6-4-3
We need to install a Ring doorbell so we can see who's coming up to the Field of Dreams mansion.
Welcome, Josh! (To all other owners, let me know if I need to kick him out. Lol.)
Who let Josh_Exley in here? HAHA - Welcome
Not sure opening it to the public is a good idea. No telling what's gonna walk through the door.... Good Day, Gentlemen.
I have opened us to the public. We will still abide by our modest private-world rules and revert to private once we are full.
me too

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