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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Magnitude horvie78 2 59
Revenge flynnp123 0 3
Stranglers furniss13 7 82
Surf Riders VI POKEYSAN 23 461
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Barves radkison 1 15
Dark Blues goldgreen 4 124
Mob pbsilver11 4 245
Screaming Babies kcclark 5 153
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Counts bruceleefan 4 25
Rogues baldary 0 40
Thunder rxw1 6 99
Walkers sudbury1111 0 89
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Oracles npbed 0 84
Samurai helop 0 65
Sharks timothygroth 1 78
Volcanoes jkenned 11 184
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cubs tk21775 11 365
Lobsters Foreigner82 0 6
Patriots bigronnie 1 255
Tornadoes pinetaar 2 45
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Firestorm jbburner 0 132
Greys jcahill 21 230
Juice greygoose123 1 87
Phillies Phillies26 2 155
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crabbers KiloCharlie 0 1
Grey Sox tenaciousdx 3 162
Hot Dogs TheDirtyDog 1 103
Juggernauts bobbyj7 4 192
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Friars bogden1971 0 59
Komodo Dragons csudak 1 94
Legends ghutton9 5 175
Sounds Puget bjschumacher 0 135
World Chat
Alex Ibanez (C) is available if you are looking for a ML backup C. One decent defensive minor leaguer will be good enough to get him.
love ya man. gl this season. jerk.
tk, i see why you moved to chicago and took the cubs franchise. last and only world series you won was...when?
if they have a pull/push rating seems there should be a remedy for it...maybe hidden in the bench coach/fielding coach rating. idk.
Similar to pinetaar’s managerial skills
this game isn't that advanced
do defenses do "the shift" on those batters?
The Push/Pull rating indicates whether the player is a pull hitter or opposite field hitter. A rating of 0 indicates an extreme pull hitter.
Dwayne Hunter (C) is available.
whats a low push pull tendency rating mean?

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