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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beer Belly Ballers urbanjman 1 28
Black Coffee dsilent1 0 61
Crazies jaylien1 1 93
Foghorns paulkuo 1 73
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Berrios mcbellows 1 160
Lumber Kings anthrus 0 65
Rovers cuck 1 75
Slumdogs drarcher 3 137
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves gtnotes 7 190
Hot Fuzz seble 1 152
Redbirds gambler62245 1 50
Travelers trndkll101 2 72
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hellraisers Tbennett99 0 0
Isotopes JustSmyth 0 36
of Troy orundall 0 14
StRangers mgreed1954 1 136
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Redmen goober1967 0 131
Reds mmustain 6 96
Trogdors loudawg10 12 115
Wolverines Camjam 0 7
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Naval Station vikesxv 1 174
Steelworkers Whitetail96 0 2
Tarantinos jying98 3 179
White Wings MabelO 2 62
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chainsaws MikeLiv 0 57
McGowan's mcgowan 0 48
Ni Knights MelanieS 0 52
Surf Riders POKEYSAN 24 479
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Adrenaline KatrinaM 0 51
Bearcats flbarons 1 259
Davies clark9jhu 1 89
Suds Disable411 0 62
World Chat
I'm interested...
Free team to anyone who wants to take over El Paso (AL) in 7Yankees7 (re-signing FAs) ; pre-season just started, owner took the team and had life get in the way.
Willing to deal Shouta Wang (SS) for prospects.
starters and relievers available. Don Zambrano (P) J.R. Coleman (P) Rene Fleming (P) Geoffery Bell (P) Shawn Wood (P) J.P. Melendez (P)
I got RP that may be a service to some team out there if your interested in either trade chat me or send offer Darryl Stinson (P) & Dennys Moss (P)
Samuel Clemens (B) available
Haven’t decided if I’m going to exercise Liam Garland (RF) option if someone is interested in acquiring him let me know before free agency
most notably Damaso Cisnero (LF)
players added to trade block
The following players are available: Henry Prades (C) ,

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