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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Huskies bluebaran 12 160
Metropolitans dantesothoth 0 20
Screaming Chickens AuntieHoseba 0 1
Springfield carlbuzz 0 13
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bison palpatine 8 63
Conquistadors dodgersrays 5 194
Pride livysdaddy 6 222
Stars cinmark44 2 141
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Browns paulives 2 49
Fightins TheManUtley 5 85
Helotes Cornshuckers paskin 0 4
Moneyball Sluggers WardoYT 0 2
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bolsheviks jjones1788 0 0
Flats mbooker 19 902
Homesteading Bovines Elagabalus 0 54
Kings itsmedennis 7 61
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bravados pete775 1 160
Bulldogs KGP71 0 28
SAWTOOTHS dicedealer12 0 56
Whalers biss7 0 76
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bababooeys afatrain 0 15
Buckeyes tribefan_1 1 114
Pubgoers KYLEELYK 0 0
Stranglers GOEVANGO 7 46
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Giants rbedwell 52 434
Jazz Flutes metbham 0 149
Jumpin' Jack Flash msarg 1 134
Low Country MaximusThund 0 2
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Charks nrowlands 3 35
Cosmos crazyballa 5 53
Falls kidcreeley 33 317
La-La Gunners cosborn 1 111
World Chat
Ditto here
Once we get budgets set, I'd be open to trade just about anyone. I have some decent players at ML on lousy contracts, and I am willing to eat some portion of these contracts in the right trade(s).
I'll contact both of them.
Looks like London hasn’t signed in since 5/24 and is a newbie to HBD.
A little concerned that Indianapolis hasn’t signed in since 5/18.
Excited for a new season
That is a time-honored HBD strategy...
In my opinion, the best way to overcome one bad free agent signing is with another bad free agent signing. Paper over mistakes with more mistakes is my motto.
I was, of course, joking. Thanks commish for getting us to a new season.
Things happen very quickly at the beginning of the offseason so get ready for budget distribution

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