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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Order of the Black Star efeighny 0 43
Outlaws Swens13 0 12
Stormtroopers mwroberts 3 47
Two Four Tall Cans b2goofy 2 56
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crush bballc 7 128
Huckleberry rkba 0 0
Monuments julian1962 0 23
Warrior$ mbrake 4 180
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cats jjradioguy20 0 64
Crumbsnatchers AstonMyers 0 21
Fraziers kidcreeley 21 184
Vipers sir_slamalot 4 85
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bluejackets glencurtis 0 51
Cheetos BobHam 0 5
Dealers bigronnie 1 179
Street Sweepers Robert1982 2 27
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bucks waydogg5 3 85
Fisher Cats jway11 5 132
Twins tkstrk31 2 13
Wind jc44 20 225
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crusaders jtizzo11 0 0
Muskets islandersbob 0 11
NorthHills Gunners rbjb 0 77
Phanatics lloyd413 1 41
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Broncos lvnwrth 0 29
Frackers shobob 12 205
Head Hunters groverp 0 27
Houston Eagles Team England 0 33
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Marauders Zattack 3 99
Rockies 4Surefire 0 0
Slam sgawrys 0 21
Thrashers timothygroth 1 50
World Chat
Trade block updated.
Looking to move Tyler Litsch (P) in return I need an OF prospect. Feel free to send me a message
Looking to trade a RP for prospect or cheap young cost controllable ML batter.
I fixed up my team, should be better now
Boise Outlaws Trade Block updated.
I need to move some guys to get some relief on my budget in order to sign some of my free agents. Fire me some offers if you see anyone that can help you. I am seeking low level minor league SP, S...
Welcome SHOBOB to the USMLB!
Yes, and a supplemental. Better than nothing though, which is what was happening before I showed up
So some owner got a 4th rounder for a type A player?
Hey guys. Glad to be here. Just scooped up all the rest of the type A free agents. Now this franchise doesn't pick until the 5th round :(

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