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Below is a snapshot of what makes HBD the #1 baseball simulation game on any device.
World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Drive chunkym 3 66
Quacquarelli Symonds NorCollo 0 5
Steamrollers shiffy 1 63
Stranglers gville_10 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dons Phillydon 0 9
Fighting Patriots techmobo 1 113
Pioneers reigny 0 314
Red Stockings vdifazio 0 51
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bats mdeter 0 0
Huskers shesaid 6 206
Peaches mase4342 4 107
Valkyrie vegascowboy 0 28
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cougars outlaw 6-4-3 5 49
Dead Bunnies sylemark 3 301
Lumbe jax skilly006 1 16
Screamers cwisniewski 0 10
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Battle Badgers npg32433 0 97
Circumnavigators BrianCampos 4 114
Stones sasmo12 0 12
Whalers slicknick777 0 13
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Flaming Cockroaches Guzzoid 0 7
KINGS bone57 0 41
mets joeg21 0 0
Pythons wallyworld15 1 22
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arkansas Travelers madhungarian 0 20
Fried Chicken Drumsticks Bobed1 0 0
Sombreros mambrose12 0 18
Titans HAWKEYEONE 0 138
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bonham Carters sermonauthor 22 168
DoberDogs Midmets 0 99
Hiphopopotamus aaronbrown99 9 97
String Theory xatomsmasher 0 21
World Chat
I'm a seller
I may be set but would consider upgrades, and feel I have some prospects
Definitely in sell mode, but not fire sale mode, lol! Got a few vets on pitching and hitting side that could help a contender...
outlaw 6-4-3
Is anyone stepping over the blow-up doll and heading into the trading chamber?... Trade Deadline is TODAY. Who's buying or selling?
Ewwwwwwwww . . . . TMI . . . Waaaaaaaaaaay TMI . . . Step 2: Cede control of your addiction to a higher power. In this case the higher power are the Helena Bonham Carters.
You obviously have not seen her rendition of "Shake it Off.
". Sexbot or not, it speaks to your soul, and loins. As for the used condoms, you have any idea where she has been? I saw her with Midmets before she vanquished him from the club yelling "...
1. I have no interest in your nuts, premium or otherwise. 2. Vodka. It had not occurred to me this might be part of a collusive effort with the Russians. Expect a grand jury subpoena to be forthcoming...
3. None of your excuses explain the used condoms and Taylor Swift doll except for the part about you being lonely. Time for a 12 step program, buddy. Step One: Admit You are powerless in the presence...
It was lonely in the contenders club as the only contender. You looked so sad and pathetic with your face up against the glass desparately wishing you could gain access to the premium mixed nuts,

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