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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Drive chunkym 3 66
Quacquarelli Symonds NorCollo 0 5
Steamrollers shiffy 1 62
Stranglers gville_10 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dons Phillydon 0 4
Fighting Patriots techmobo 1 113
Pioneers reigny 0 311
Red Stockings vdifazio 0 47
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bats mdeter 0 0
Huskers shesaid 6 201
Peaches mase4342 4 107
Valkyrie vegascowboy 0 26
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cougars outlaw 6-4-3 5 48
Dead Bunnies sylemark 2 292
Lumbe jax Goodwood10 0 0
Screamers cwisniewski 0 10
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Battle Badgers npg32433 0 96
Circumnavigators BrianCampos 4 114
Stones sasmo12 0 11
Whalers slicknick777 0 13
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Flaming Cockroaches Guzzoid 0 7
KINGS bone57 0 41
mets joeg21 0 0
Pythons wallyworld15 1 22
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arkansas Travelers madhungarian 0 20
Fried Chicken Drumsticks Bobed1 0 0
Sombreros mambrose12 0 18
Titans HAWKEYEONE 0 134
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bonham Carters sermonauthor 22 167
DoberDogs Midmets 0 99
Hiphopopotamus aaronbrown99 8 92
String Theory xatomsmasher 0 20
World Chat
Can you tell where I've been burned? Lol
Also have to have arbitration complete BEFORE 7 pm est or computer offers 70% of demands. So if you want to release them, it has to be done before then.
New owners, don't forget about options. Gm>Contracts>Options Report I noticed some of you have players that need to be exercised or declined. Has to be done before 7 pm est.
Updated the trade block, but every player is available for the right deal.
I've got plenty of cap room. Willing to take on salary, but haven't got much to offer in return. Take a look. Make an offer.
Also updated my trade block.
Burt McCorley (CF), Corey Thomas (B), and Mitch Schultz (LF) available along with a lot of other young ML ready talent at AAA. Need ML ready releivers or prospect similar to what I am trading away. T...
Osvaldo Iglesias (P) should get some votes for the hall of fame. We haven't been goo about putting people in the hall before so let's pay a little more attention this year.
I've added a few players to the trade block as well.
outlaw 6-4-3
Added 7 ML guys to trade block that I'd look at deals for. TC if interested.

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