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Below is a snapshot of what makes HBD the #1 baseball simulation game on any device.
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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Ice Breakers bigtex1 4 96
Reznors 2.0 knine 6 112
Rippers gatesfanelli 0 26
White Sox jbeavon 0 120
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crusaders pray4pro 0 19
Dagwoods themouse2258 0 79
Generals mdukes13 13 155
Rebel Rousers bigalric 1 262
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cheese Grits pfontaine 7 158
Returns kujhawker 0 235
shoes greg8 0 64
Sluggers jahu43 7 126
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Haystacks FaulyT 0 1
Night Demons bjb2378 36 184
Ocelots NormanW5 2 137
rattlers coach78 0 71
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Caesers carmandjr 0 31
Pucketts fromtheheels 0 2
Studdabubbas dizzlebob 0 91
Yorkies djbradford 31 134
Franchise Owner Titles Season
BayDogs Dufferman 0 267
Minutemen tlcogan7 0 52
Sultans of Swat bluenoser44 1 75
Yankees shucky 14 147
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues beerman324 0 64
Cornpickers tbook 5 267
Juicers bwb53 7 257
Raging Cajun tony23 1 345
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Big Island Brewers simonlittle 0 45
Dawgs rockydawg07 2 174
Funky Men beamer88 1 138
Lumberjacks timf 6 65
World Chat
Speaking of career leaders..... W. Guerreo was caught stealing 42 times. That might be more impressive than his SB total of over 1100
I think Rucker would have been 1st. Not only did he lose a season but the injury acted as a drag on his remaining seasons. He was so amazing. I miss him.
welcome ku
Site Staff
tropicana has been replaced by Kujhawker
Even though he wrecked havoc on my team. I am sad every time I see the career HR list. Gene Rucker should be 2nd and maybe even first if he didn't lose a season in his prime.
All two things 1) Please vote for the HOF 2) Need some help lining up a replacement owner thought I had one and it feel through. So if you have a good owner in another league you want to recommend ple...
My understanding is the position listed for HOF Voting is the last position they were saved under during their playing days. That's why so many show up as 1b/DH/LF types. A great 2B will eventua...
but their bat is still good enough to keep them in majors. So the player gets saved as a 1B and then that's the position that shows on the ballot. Very, very flawed system. It should be based...
Thanks. BTW, jahu43’s excellent blog post has corrected for correct positions as well.
Lol that's actually super helpful. I do agree that HOF's in HBD seem to be overly full of 1b/corner types. In reality, those guys who can field are super valuable too, they might just not have...

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