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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Clippers jbeavon 0 159
Rippers gatesfanelli 1 48
Rust Buckets bigtex1 4 115
Terror stonewalter 1 678
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crusaders pray4pro 5 41
Dagwoods themouse2258 0 88
O's cincybang 0 143
Rebel Rousers bigalric 1 318
Franchise Owner Titles Season
in Chargeston alleyviper 22 126
Lone Rangers tlcogan7 0 58
Returns tropicana 5 256
Sluggers jahu43 8 150
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Haystacks FaulyT 0 9
Night Demons bjb2378 39 208
Ocelots NormanW5 2 164
rattlers coach78 0 82
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bakers davewillie 0 229
Blizzard dreed115 0 96
Jagged Little Pills shafty 2 52
Yorkies djbradford 35 159
Franchise Owner Titles Season
BayDogs Dufferman 0 330
Peaky Blinders bluenoser44 3 114
River Rats wolfhoundkl 0 27
Yankees shucky 15 171
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues beerman324 0 85
Cornpickers tbook 5 283
Juicers bwb53 7 310
Raging Cajun tony23 1 432
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Comets merritr 3 165
Dawgs rockydawg07 2 200
Lumberjacks timf 7 75
Rainbow Warriors chadwillman 0 52
World Chat
Too many teams lean into the college draft. Less drawing on the HS pool.
Ecstatic would be an understatement lol
I can't believe Julio Armas fell all the way to Cincy...
Gotta love having six first rounders who all sign. Time to develop some talent.
Sometimes I feel like draft signing day hates me. My scouts should lay off the brews so the numbers aren't so fuzzy.
I’m amazed that George Hernandez (SS) hung around long enough for Scottsdale to land him.
(Which may be why we never catch the Night Demons.)
Wow. Just wow. Not going to happen in Oakland. We worship at the church of Billy Beane here.
Love the 'it all came down to what city had the best schools for my kids' kiss-off message from an 18 year old who just got paid 30+ million. Glad he's thinking about the future.
i was in for nearly $29m -he is a great ifa.

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