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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brewers edcasto 0 34
Medicine Men PlyPiLgrim 0 0
Not the Cubs gambler62245 0 27
Red Rovers rocketcy 0 49
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aces purpleaces 0 0
Bullfrogs rhyno026 1 56
Expos verik22 5 72
Pirates cinmark44 2 97
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cabritos mnguides 0 0
Rebellion simplicity 0 22
Saints jesse1 5 104
True Grit livysdaddy 2 31
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Alpha Aquilae golsen 5 107
Molly Mormons topoftheworl 18 156
Red Wings wizbang1943 0 116
Splinters aeroguy32 0 73
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blind $quirrel$ mbrake 3 136
Expos (NL) mm646433 10 84
Pioneers spotsie 0 3
Rainers dawgrod 0 17
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Big Red Machine dreski 0 21
Clippers kidcreeley 16 137
Indians merritr 1 73
Stars ewells54 0 123
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Fort Worth Cardinals rich4cards 0 8
Holladaze thewheaties 0 202
Polar Bears blackhole4 1 20
Whips chukc 16 63
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Monarchs jkenned 10 133
Vipers burton2231 0 100
Volunteers ronnyb44 0 0
War Rant downboy 1 33
World Chat
Congratulations to Carlos Olmedo (B) on his -game hitting streak, tied for second place in ML history!
Chico Vallarta (P) needs a change of address. He doesn't pitch well in Boston.
Thank you dreski. Tomorrow is a new day!
Congratulations on the no hitter St. Louis. My team is horrible!
Honolulu Volunteers ronnyb44 haven't checked in since 4-6. Portland - spotsie - 4-10.
Rooney had a good season at 3B last year in 144 games. 5+ plays, 0- plays, decent fielding pct and range. I like him as a bench player, but I'm paying him starter money on a bad team.
I would only play Rooney in RF..
Not it! Lol
Ok, it's somebody else's turn to try to beat Colorado Spring...That wasn't fun!
Anyone have a bad pitching contract they wanna trade for a not-so-great 3B contract?

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