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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues JustSmyth 0 19
New Yorkers emorust 0 22
Steagles littlejim 3 152
Utleys Officialism4 1 28
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cangrejeros Knudervalve 5 51
Illadelphs UndeadElbow 0 16
Kings bigal888 0 56
Revolution the_oat 7 81
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Carolina Cougars bigronnie 1 204
RainMakers itsnjmike 1 46
Rockers spkbaseball 0 18
Storm Surge edenfidm 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Camels leklinner 2 46
Mountaineers stone7365 0 72
Pilots brendon5 4 53
Tiger Sharks m22pank 0 90
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blades kidcreeley 21 208
Cattle Guards raiderzman33 2 70
Red Cats sors 1 99
Rockets dickyjim 0 23
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dukes acn24 2 151
Red Sox joehonus 0 82
Spiders tori05 1 83
Tars cavone 0 112
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gamblers BucksOwner 2 49
Hawksux bjschumacher 0 124
Migrant Caravan Torsten120 3 18
Soda Poppers woodseal 0 35
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cardinals billhowell75 16 678
Diamondbacks phlsfan 0 117
Tragedy Twins tragedy 4 89
Wiley Coyotes andyr104 6 252
World Chat
I have a couple prospects that may be blocked. willing to shuffle a couple things around for a above average catcher.
Looking for a big bat, and willing to take some on some salary. Anyone interested in some pitching prospects? Joey Traynor (P) Arthur Utley (P) Vinny Hines (P)
I don't regret giving Tatsuya Lee (P) a max at all, sometimes you have to pay a premium for premium players. Maduro is certainly that.
Props to Oat. I was close to the max. Pitchers that good don’t hit the market all that often
Max deals have won me a World Series before. Nothing wrong with them. Just takes a bit of work to manage long term.
He is a good pitcher, though. Congrats.
That's why I don't ever get involved in FA bidding wars. If I need to pick up some free agents to fill holes, I wait until the last 2 days to find the best players who have not been pursued ye...
What have I done?
That was surely a hell of a FA period.
St. Louis is offering good ML Starting Pitching for equivalent Bullpen help. Check T-Block.

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