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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues Imnotsure 0 1
New Yorkers emorust 0 16
Reign AlinaM 0 0
Utleys Officialism4 0 13
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cangrejeros Knudervalve 2 35
Illadelphs UndeadElbow 0 6
Kings bigal888 0 53
Revolution the_oat 7 78
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Asylum Seekers AubDutch 1 1
Carolina Cougars bigronnie 1 168
RainMakers itsnjmike 1 41
Rockers spkbaseball 0 4
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Camels leklinner 2 43
Mountaineers stone7365 0 54
Pilots brendon5 3 48
Sunshine TJCB 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chickpeas timb116 8 151
Coyotes hardeight44 0 7
Hellions thaneoffife 0 61
Rockets dickyjim 0 20
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Marlins peteskin 0 99
Spiders tori05 1 79
Tars cavone 0 102
Warmongers LuciferA 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bandits jc44 19 217
Migrant Caravan Torsten120 0 6
Roses Doctorbenway 3 39
Soda Poppers woodseal 0 32
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diamondbacks phlsfan 0 108
Mulligans chalks2wmu 1 12
Tragedy Twins tragedy 4 78
Wiley Coyotes andyr104 6 227
World Chat
Willing to deal a few more players.
. Junior Rosa (CF) - my best player but not signing long term so I’m willing to listen. . Elian Gonzalez (P) Very consistent starter. Not willing to sign but great pick up if u are going for
it this year. . Wesley Holbert (LF) He’s blocked but probably can start for many teams. . Enrique Pena (B) - he’s blocked. Less likely to deal than Holbert but listening. Looking for minors - cat...
I am willing to eat $M of Abel Jansen (LF) salary in a trade. Ideally looking for a quality CF prospect.
Gregg Lucroy (C) is up for trade. At this point best offer. I am still trying to get a grip on the team.
Mariano Rivera (SS) should have a cutter instead of a -seam. Big let down on the part of WIS.
I have some solid bullpen arms, most of them on expiring contracts. I can cover all the salary. TC me if you're interested.
players available if the offer is right. Greg Faulk (B) and HR hitting Brendan Cloyd (DH)
Orlando Gandarillas (C) and Joel Holliday (P) are likely arb casualties. Gold glove catcher and decent LRB. Let me know if interested.
Bullpen sale: Lester Veras, Kurt Merritt, Vin Long are all available. Contact me in trade chat: all reasonable offers considered

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