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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Sox ukwildcats 0 74
Madison pandas Miaben48 0 0
Patriots Dufferman 0 262
Pilots tooquick2421 0 48
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bullets drob320 1 41
Bullfrogs ojinga 2 73
Indians rounders31 1 104
Shockers jahu43 7 123
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Anamoly bluenoser44 1 73
Shisties gogogadget 5 42
Sluggers djbradford 31 131
Yellowhammers tonicawf 4 165
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Athletics jnosek 0 98
Buckners dwhit34 2 227
Oaks rbedwell 38 341
TinyDancers billygoatboy 0 4
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Fanatics krushers 1 163
Mist lkornberg 0 30
Strange Brews HAWKFORHALL 0 160
Wakandans merritr 2 118
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Big Red Machine davewillie 0 203
Colts purplehaze54 4 310
Hops jpatch 2 70
Pythons newmex 0 64
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mustangs Rattlers 5 145
Rangers dmac1213 0 11
Storm dudemac 0 72
Touristas billhowell75 16 685
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Grizzlies mjs22 15 72
Hydra gatesfanelli 0 24
Monarchs kujhawker 0 233
Rattlers stonewalter 1 586
World Chat
Crazy. My wife is also celebrating her 66th birthday today.
Happy birthday tonicawf; my wife’s 66th birthday today! Trees don’t live that long! (Please don’t tell her I said that!)
The actual vote to ratify was done on the 2nd. So you missed it either wsy. Happy birthday!
44th birthday today. Almost born on 4th of July 1976! This close to greatness. Story of my life.
Don't be. Except for dj ;-), we've all been there.
Sorry for my team being so bad. Really not tanking. Thought I would improve this season. Want to rebuild in a responsible way. I just brought up 2 A list prospects to help the squad. I know I'll h...
You joined one of the best worlds in HBD, rounders.
rounders31 - welcome and thanks for stepping in. also thanks for your patience. just a reminder - we have a 30m prospect cap and there is a 110 win minimum over two consecutive seasons - we will give...
Thanks a bunch, rounders, and welcome!
Thanks for letting me take over the team and into the league. I have a bit of a mess on my hands, but I will get to work on cleaning it up

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