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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dead Bunnies sylemark 4 542
Quebecers 21mira21 2 55
Shadows Bcr731 1 75
Sombreros gunnyhighway 1 24
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Red Stockings mrtheedge 0 88
Same Great Taste! alleyviper 25 144
Van Slykes avanslyke18 4 139
White Stockings jway11 5 151
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Baron H hcohenmb 0 105
Bayou Assassins thaneoffife 0 89
Kings havoc666 0 47
Outlaws waydogg5 3 105
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Alligators purplehaze54 4 426
Jaspers wylie715 1 419
Sliders irishboy8 0 36
Witch Trials Torsten120 9 84
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Browns lsutiger1972 0 52
Penguins rigbystarr 0 147
Trash Pandas eric1214 2 323
Valley Rats MattWinks 0 45
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulls dakar 20 209
Iron Bulldogs steve15dog 0 9
Werewolves tsmith43210 1 97
Winter Hill Gang Officialism4 4 74
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Berserkers rquin9 12 419
Black Jacks wamco 1 84
Lucha Libres Knudervalve 13 114
SlapRichards gmoney1151 1 67
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues jlm612 4 107
Padres peoria 18 172
Roughnecks patrick71665 0 73
Surf Riders XV POKEYSAN 27 586
World Chat
It's the contact but also Elias is a righty with a not-terribly-good VsR so he's largely going to be home run or nothing against any decent righty pitcher.
Sal Glynn (C) is available for trade.
Sure his contact is bad, but I can't understand how Elias is just a .230 hitter.
will take the next even somewhat reasonable offer for Endy Cooper (C) .
but can he do anything with the bat??
Kolten Elias (B) is available. Can play center and has an actual bat
The poor plays last year by this team leads the field by 16 and is last in good plays by 16.
The previous owner of this franchise had no concern about the team's defense.
Bobby Parker (B) available. looking for a solid setup guy.

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