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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beavers Marklen 0 13
Blue Jays coach_chaos 1 71
Pilots sbarrouque 0 46
Rebels olemiss33 15 229
Franchise Owner Titles Season
American Giants watch_this 0 8
Crew drummer_66 0 56
Dead Kennedys jedielvis 2 46
Groundhogs skippy_emt 0 34
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Georgians dawgfan1974 1 97
I-Cubs googooman 4 137
Showboaters kingdean 1 186
Sultanes mannytanner 0 65
Franchise Owner Titles Season
One Arm Bandits campbell1972 1 49
Strikers eyetoeye 0 48
Thunder stat10 0 21
Wolves tiskingmoon 4 82
Franchise Owner Titles Season
AllStarIncs AllStarInc 0 16
Naturals playboy33 3 97
Redbirds ascho9 0 71
Rock Cats lamps24 2 11
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Metal Jackets CF13 0 8
Philadelphia Phils heymon 0 20
Stars shiffy 1 103
Tornado's psap 5 33
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cactus Coolers coachtwitty 0 6
MoonShiners rbjb 0 77
Oilers madhungarian 0 38
Zephyrs kbrick 2 47
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Grizzlies tk21775 7 310
Huskies jkay15 6 50
Scuds pete775 1 105
Surf Kings captain10a 5 309
World Chat
Exactly. Big League Averages. Keyword - ‘averages’ which means some are higher some are lower.
We continue as we are is what I meant within that preexisting guideline. Rest, reasonable roster size, reasonable quality players, make the minimums. I think everyone here respects all that. More det...
that, i agree with.
Don't think there's a vote involved here. I think Cam is saying there won't be number requirements other than wins.
I don't think that's what he was getting at. I just think he was making a point to not let it get out of hand.
I vote "no" as well.
olemiss33's the ML average....If I want to play a dude at SS with a 90+ glove but 78 range, I should be able to do that.
i vote no as well. I on occasion use backup catchers at first, and have a DH i sometimes use at 1B. No reason whatsoever you should not be allowed to take that risk if you want
So if they don’t have a minimum of the ML average they can’t play? I vote no.
So as for the discussion last season we will NOT be setting any minumums for player expectations. It is just impossible to set any criteria to make concrete rules except for the MWRs which I think are...

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