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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beavers Marklen 0 12
Blue Jays coach_chaos 1 68
Pilots sbarrouque 0 45
Rebels olemiss33 14 224
Franchise Owner Titles Season
American Giants watch_this 0 6
Crew drummer_66 0 53
Dead Kennedys jedielvis 2 45
Groundhogs skippy_emt 0 32
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Georgians dawgfan1974 1 96
I-Cubs googooman 4 133
Showboaters kingdean 1 181
Sultanes mannytanner 0 63
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mastiffs dwise89 4 38
One Arm Bandits campbell1972 0 47
Strikers eyetoeye 0 47
Whalers shesaid 8 250
Franchise Owner Titles Season
AllStarIncs AllStarInc 0 13
Naturals playboy33 3 94
Quebecers tmantom3285 1 26
Redbirds ascho9 0 70
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Metal Jackets CF13 0 7
Philadelphia Phils heymon 0 19
Stars shiffy 1 99
Tornado's psap 5 32
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cactus Coolers coachtwitty 0 5
MoonShiners rbjb 0 75
Oilers madhungarian 0 35
Zephyrs kbrick 2 46
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Grizzlies tk21775 7 306
Paper Tigers tui0job 3 89
Scuds pete775 1 99
Surf Kings captain10a 5 305
World Chat
Nice work Coach, you are hot
‘Gonzo’ Gonzalez Merced (P) has been the absolute beast of TBH.
32 years old, around top 5 in IP and he is in his prime with no signs of slowing down. 22W, 201SOs and over 270IP as if it is all routine. As Gonzo goes so goes LV. The bar I set my franchise by.
Well, he does have 5 power!
That has to be one of the unlikeliest homers, kbrick! Better than Kirk Gibson!
huh won the first game with all my starters on the bench. Means I'll lose the series with my starters playing the rest of the series. lol
when a pitcher comes in as a pinch-hitter, and hits a walkoff homer to win a playoff game. Pittsburgh AllStarIncs vs. New Orleans Zephyrs
very happy to see Steven Houston (RF) on the MVP award ballot, I can't imagine anyone who so single handed carried a playoff team, look at my team statistics, he really stands out.
4 losing streaks of 6 games or more post All Star Break. Disappointing, good luck to those who advanced.
Crap, lose 3 of 4 to Toronto, now have to play them again.

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