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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Jays coach_chaos 1 52
Clickers jeffr24 0 12
Paper Company ohellyeh 1 35
Pilots sbarrouque 0 38
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulls drummer_66 0 21
Dead Kennedys jedielvis 1 38
Groundhogs skippy_emt 0 11
Muddy Dogs detsports33 1 44
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Suedes aaronwmu 0 11
Georgians dawgfan1974 1 81
I-Cubs googooman 3 93
Nine mushahshi 0 29
Franchise Owner Titles Season
One Arm Bandits campbell1972 0 39
Revelers maharacer 9 64
Spelunkers cp49 1 59
Strikers eyetoeye 0 40
Franchise Owner Titles Season
AllStarIncs AllStarInc 0 0
Fireflys royfranklin 10 100
Redbirds ascho9 0 37
Windy City Dawgs rockydawg07 2 150
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Metal Jackets CF13 0 0
Phils heymon 0 12
Stars shiffy 1 63
Tornado's psap 3 23
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hellstorm mowbs69 5 238
Ninja Warlords zsiegri 14 151
Pheenoms hornetmx 2 90
VooDoo kbrick 2 39
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Capitals heinzkill 1 48
Lady Poverty chisox378 0 13
Natural Born Killers leadmoose 0 23
Tacos captain10a 4 261
World Chat
That definitely hurts CF13. It is very frustrating when it happens but it doesn't happen often, thank goodness!
You've gotta be kidding me. Nothing like losing your franchise player and turning him into a 5th starter. Thanks HBD.
Anyone still need a nice bullpen arm? Andy Schultz (P) is available. Looking for a solid prospect in return.
Deven Charles (DH) has really shown up this season going back to our conversations about the value of DITRs. Terry Ryan (C) should also be in the lineup for a good while. It can happen.
I didn't even see the trade, but would have approved it. We've been talking about the issue for 2 days in WC
It's Pittsburgh helping me out. He got on the waivers without reversal by accident.
Hannahan/Holliday trade doesn't make sense to me. Am I missing something here?
This was supposed to be the last year of my rebuilding process, but with the team overperforming and the top oc the AL so tight I decided to go for it.
I have figured out my issue and am going to beg for mercy. It is only a problem on my phone and has to do with my auto refresh. I am aware of it now and expect no leniency in the future.
I haven't really been active at the trade deadline very often, but it seems like some weird things happened this time. I was working on two trades involving players who had already cleared waivers...

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