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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beavers Marklen 0 19
Blue Jays coach_chaos 1 80
Pilots sbarrouque 0 49
Ponzi Schemes gman981981 9 55
Franchise Owner Titles Season
American Giants watch_this 0 14
Crew drummer_66 1 70
Dead Kennedys jedielvis 2 49
Groundhogs skippy_emt 0 41
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Georgians dawgfan1974 1 103
I-Cubs googooman 4 153
Showboaters kingdean 1 199
Sultanes mannytanner 0 76
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Freaks and Geeks AllSox 8 300
One Arm Bandits campbell1972 2 53
Strikers eyetoeye 0 51
Wolves tiskingmoon 4 91
Franchise Owner Titles Season
AllStarIncs AllStarInc 0 25
Indians mmaldonado29 0 23
Redbirds ascho9 0 87
Rock Cats lamps24 2 17
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Metal Jackets CF13 2 11
Philadelphia Phils heymon 0 23
Stars shiffy 1 118
Tornado's psap 5 36
Franchise Owner Titles Season
MoonShiners rbjb 0 86
Rays Redst 0 2
SlumpBusters rklongball 0 52
Zephyrs kbrick 2 53
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buffaloes aumackenzie 10 121
Grizzlies tk21775 8 334
Huskies tommymax 8 75
Surf Kings captain10a 5 322
World Chat
Del Nieves (DH) continues to be the most clutch pinch hitter in the league. HRs in PAs.
Alan McClellan (P) Chad Broome (P) all available for teams looking for pitching down the stretch
Andres Franco (P) Ezequiel Mercado (P)
lol. At best a double in most other parks?
That's how you break up a team no-hitter in Coors. Colorado Springs Huskies vs. Colorado Buffaloes
Ha ha Enerio Nesbitt (LF) is so good I put him in there twice.
Trevor Purcell (B) Stuart Ward (SS) Enerio Nesbitt (LF) Enerio Nesbitt (LF) Avalable befoere the trade deadline.
Looking to make some deadline deals. Marcos Hernandez (B) , Michael Witt (LF) Alex Arias (RF) , Sandy Jensen (P) , Chick Pierce (P) are all available for prospects.
trade block updated, some guys that can help in a pennant race there.
Felipe Mota (C) available for a team that needs a solid-hitting catcher

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