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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Donkeys tittiboi 3 79
Ehs pajammies 6 168
Mud Ducks billhowell75 16 794
Surf Riders V POKEYSAN 27 597
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Lake Effect roundfrog 14 251
Rebels vdifazio 0 109
taft bathtubs tui0job 3 157
Werewolves fflgopher 7 204
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Catfish Hurlers jaylien1 3 171
Elephant Seals bcpbcp7 24 166
Killer Land Whales indiansrck27 0 226
Nemesis mowbs69 7 335
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Eclipse CheezyWriter 5 70
FC Dinamo lfkbibanul 4 202
Hellas foodew 4 73
Trailblazers bruinsfan911 0 147
Franchise Owner Titles Season
FrozenKoreans FrozenK 1 155
Magma zyrion 13 76
Rafts shirls 2 48
Wannabes goodtymes31 4 275
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Boll Weevils zeustis01 28 250
Terrapins mattyjim 3 170
Titans 2_black_dogs 5 169
Yankees acesspade 8 153
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Barracudas Seventy_77 5 155
Dee Browns samharmon 0 63
Fast Casual Dining palpatine 8 65
Rollers badmoon06 1 59
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Lake gnocc 0 176
Gigantes grecianfox 0 66
Potato Heads Bbeebe17 0 44
Protective Association. sjurat 0 56
World Chat
7jerry7 has rolled to season 63 with three openings. Long running, no drama private league with max flexibility to build your franchise. All here welcome, password is Levi Bernero. Jump in!
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Unfortunately for me the Yankees converted bases loaded 0 out into 4 1st inning runs last game
Anyone else noticed that bases loaded with nobody out is like a guaranteed goose egg on the scoreboard that inning? Or are my teams just cursed? lol
FML. I went to the big island of Hawaii for a training event and my team is ******.
The fake baseball gods are cruel. Maximo Taylor - who was among the players I lost when I forgot to protect my hitting prospects in Rule 5 2 seasons ago just absolutely destroyed his negligent team.
i could use a lefty set up guy - can trade one of my quality righty set up guys for him......
I'm not sure I've ever seen 4 players in one HOF class! These four are certainly deserving.

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