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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mr. Mets keithjs 5 84
Ocean Dwellers bobkordecki 4 199
Rock Heads flyairbourne 1 26
Wasps tomcecil 14 172
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulldogs dawg39759 1 46
Cartographers rls1 8 76
Clubbers ParrishM 0 104
Royals antonchigurh 0 1
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bravos 363dp 1 42
Grits kidcreeley 16 119
Knights Sonofodin52 2 311
Snowbirds 21mira21 2 43
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hasa Diga Eebowai pbsilver11 1 183
Loggers gregor199 2 313
Son's of Pitches DoggHouse 1 4
Spongers eric1214 0 121
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hammers norsk44 0 135
Marauders dcbove 9 108
Red Legs ronazbill 5 161
Unbearded sgjohnst 0 18
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Anglophiles jamier2003 4 74
Battleships aeroguy32 0 62
Loopers TheDirtyDog 1 49
Yankees Yankeejoe5 3 105
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Houston Rockets bones44 3 57
Redbirds jkenned 9 123
Tarpons flbarons 0 57
War Dogs johnnywaxhaw 0 3
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Basket of Deplorables Feamster 15 425
Bombers whboone 2 77
Peytons vikesxv 0 89
Westminster Stampede larryspader 0 0
World Chat
14 hits, 3 runs. Doh!!
wonder if Emil Ozuna (B) is going to get enough ABs before he is considered a ROY candidate. Very good numbers, just promoted later than others were.
FYI, the Colorado franchise has been on AI for 2 weeks.
Welcome gregor199, and thanks!
Time to rebuild here in St.
Louis will listen to offers on anyone on the ML roster over including David Marichal (P) Luis Neruda (P) Billy Tankersley (LF) Sticky Bailey (RF) and Boone Knott (P)
Good morning! I hate to complain, but I need a little help with the cap to make this workable. Please take a look to trade me out of one of my 6-7M contracts would help me help this team. Thanks.
Site Staff
reigny has been replaced by gregor199
Never trust an owner with numbers in their username. Oh, wait.

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