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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chiefs kingkai53 0 112
SmackDown alogman1 13 539
Totems seattleace 6 78
War Admirals paellis11 0 11
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Admirals slicknick777 0 17
Haymakers jetsons 2 79
Whiny Whiners deathinahole 2 68
Wicked Rhinos jhoege 0 36
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dunaways sylemark 4 330
Jacks hwaters397 18 194
Laser Show Free_Barry 3 63
Luthiers hookemhorns7 0 18
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arches dsmba 7 147
Farmers bmsetterstro 0 34
Feather Dusters tacosluss 4 86
RedBirds Flucie 6 216
Franchise Owner Titles Season
67s zlionsfan 0 107
Marauders omegasupreme 1 30
Murakamis merritr 1 69
Wolverines scootermcray 28 296
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Croboys cro3147 0 204
Knights jbeavon 0 75
Lake Monsters sergei1991 5 94
Sellswords cdc80uf 31 164
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Astros diamond16 0 70
Crab cakes catjuggler23 2 28
Georgians aaronbrown99 11 113
Jiveturkeys ericschmidt 3 68
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angels brickyard9 6 166
Avalanche bruinsfan911 0 43
Fuego jnwhites 2 54
Savages impressionah 6 80
World Chat
Crazy season, didn't realize that was the new win record. Doesn't mean much unless it ends in a title tho~ Also Garland was just 0.004 from a triple crown :x
Congrats to Norfolk for smashing the wins total
Congrats to all playoff teams...the final installment of the Quarterly Power Rankings as well as a MWR update can now be seen on the blog. Enjoy!
Tell the kids out there taking over a 44 win team doesn't necessarily mean 3 seasons of rebuild
Oh yeah, I also lost Orber Armas (LF) to Free Agency because I didn't have enough cap space last season. What BS.
Wow. I survived the knee jerk trade of Willis Strange (P) after he got off to a bad start and JUST made the playoffs by a whisker.
three 2-1 games, on the wrong side of two of them. Go get em
Came down to the last weekend. Got hunted all season by Salt Lake City. Very tough race. At least I get to give my guys a 1 day rest...
2 of my last 3 series were against teams with losing records and I am 3-7 in the last 10. My team didnt deserve to make it. Bring on next season.
You are right deathinthehole. I didn't look at your head to head, just division record. Good luck, just not great luck.

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