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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Barking Spiders mg050369 2 24
Curds cboewiz312 0 8
Grey Squirrels mlipo11 0 47
Johnnycakes mulder613 10 55
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Admirals mayoscm30 0 0
Reds Jeffb111 0 0
Rocks! tb21984 0 54
Snow Cats timmyer 0 88
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diablos longballwins 0 63
Hatties bartkowski 1 107
Lanzadores Enanos ronaldb03 2 104
Rangers jjeuseppi 3 44
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cosmopolitans patvint27 0 21
Gunslingers byers61 2 272
Rattlers picc818 0 221
Smokes JackieJr 1 17
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Badgers aginor 3 222
Corn Stalkers npbed 0 97
Dirty Monkeys rgoodman32 0 28
Maple Leafs karwai 1 83
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Clem Fandango MoHotMo 0 3
Philly Cheese Steak bncounter6 1 55
Screaming Leons aumackenzie 15 167
Steelers joelshields 1 131
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Kings hughnewitt 2 77
Lugnuts Tfrylock 0 17
Rainmakers dsilent1 0 72
Waveriders ARBY55 0 12
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angeles de Los Angeles ferguson17 2 81
Hawks sheirbon 6 88
Swallows mbooker 19 860
Wranglers tommymax 12 96
World Chat
Still looking to move Juan Pena (B) . Dude averages RC a year and drives in runs every year. Looking to fill some holes or pick up prospects.
I usually just employ the local butcher, fitting for me normally!
I am offering Ferraris and private jets to fielding coaches. Sorry if that's driving up the market. :/
Yep coach hiring is the most hated part of HBD. Getting a Fielding Coach is the worst when your guy from last year decides to leave
What is "fielding" and who has coaches for it?
what the f#$%^& is with this league and fielding coaches. Every f#$%^& year.
Got an interesting offer for Marty Jackson... Only thing to beat it would include an ace...
Al Morales (P) also available. Looking to get a little younger.
Billy Ray Long (P) , Emilio Tejada (P) , Albert Robles (RF) available.
One of Mayo Sele (B) or Wascar Palacios (B) available. Looking for ML quality pitcher. Either already in ML or in AAA.

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