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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Barons badooujack 0 66
Fire kujhawker 0 178
Swashbucklars graybeard 22 318
Yankees txvbcoach 2 51
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bees jongdavis 4 84
Elite Giants aginor 3 170
Rebel Scum bigwade14 0 36
Tramps Abroad gorshar 2 114
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bucking Horses nittany88 2 69
Hutts thewheaties 0 196
Mi$ery mbrake 3 133
Sun Gods kcg67 1 73
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beavers wyatatanka 0 74
Cobras hogsfan22 1 47
KrackerKillers gmoney1151 0 16
Montanas NotoriousJ 1 37
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cream Citys dwyck07 1 95
Force rootgargle 2 119
Hatters gregor199 2 334
Mudcats dave456 2 46
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Phightins clark9jhu 0 2
Senators rkodonnell 2 68
Wildcats hordel 0 5
Wolves kennedrj 9 173
Franchise Owner Titles Season
alligators kitkit 5 47
Bloody-Nine sneekes 8 150
Jim donaldjl 1 21
Lightning outlaw 6-4-3 9 58
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Copper Kings jcarver67 0 93
Sea Lions mktulu2 1 27
Tourists stealcompany 0 75
Turkeys knellypsu 1 29
World Chat
With 21 games to go in the regular season, I am starting to plan for next season. Is there anyone definitely not coming back?
Hutts also claimed Gibbons and I dont need him
3 guys I dont have to put on my 40 man roster next year, not hard to figure out
Could someone explain that trade?
Why don't they appear on either Albuquerque or Durham's transaction logs? Could a Q for customer support.
outlaw 6-4-3
Looks like they were released at the exact same time as a couple guys who were intentionally released. Only thing I can think of is that the wrong/ additional boxes were checked when the other guys we...
I'm clueless as well. If noone else has input, I'm going to send in the ticket. friggin sucks.
I can't figure it out PSU. Players will be released if not assigned, but your two had at bats in rookie league. You should send in a ticket
Can someone help me understand how my top 2 picks were released 2 weeks ago?
Obviously I didnt do that manually? I've checked all my settings and nothing is running on AI? I'm clueless here and obviously upset? I've been playing this game for 4 years and never...

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