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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Barons badooujack 0 69
Longshots bleader 0 21
Swashbucklars graybeard 22 322
Yankees txvbcoach 2 52
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bees jongdavis 6 95
Elite Giants aginor 3 176
Rebel Scum bigwade14 0 38
Tramps Abroad gorshar 3 127
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Amigos wildcards431 0 0
Bucking Horses nittany88 2 72
Hutts thewheaties 0 205
Raccoon sors 0 84
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cobras hogsfan22 1 49
Grizzlies JustSmyth 0 0
Montanas NotoriousJ 1 45
Troglodytes trf70 0 28
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cream Citys dwyck07 1 99
Force rootgargle 2 122
Hatters gregor199 2 357
Mudcats dave456 2 48
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves Brianrx 0 0
Phightins clark9jhu 0 9
Senators rkodonnell 2 73
Wolves kennedrj 9 177
Franchise Owner Titles Season
aligators kitkit 5 50
Bloody-Nine sneekes 8 156
flying squirrels vabno1 0 0
Lightning outlaw 6-4-3 10 63
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Copper Kings jcarver67 0 99
Sea Lions mktulu2 1 33
Tourists stealcompany 0 80
Turkeys knellypsu 1 32
World Chat
Trade block updated
Rob Munson (C) is available
Only in this world i can't manage my team
sors -- you may want to try a different internet program or open a ticket and hopefully WIS has seen this before and can help you out.
Julian Raggio (C) Wascar Ozuna (B) Dick Clayton (RF) Sid McGowan (P) available if you need an upgrade
for me is impossibile to manage my team because everytime i try to do it a database error has occured while trying to complete the pending roster move, what can i do?
Did not expect Gabriel Adams (P) to snag a pitcher of the week award or an all-star slot coming into the season. He's had quite a run!
What a game!!<br>e.aspx?gid=92725188&tab=box&mode=classic
My team for better or worse is set other then working out one trade to get money tx again for letting me join and stay in your league
All older players available. To be honest most are available, young controllable players or prospects.

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