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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Expos wallace77 0 18
Meatheads scarpio 0 13
Spiders kidcreeley 18 172
Whiskey Jacks tonicawf 3 153
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cubs putz37 0 23
Ravens tswayne11 3 113
Titans njcomet 2 193
Woodsmen blapo21 2 42
Franchise Owner Titles Season
6 Strings ascho9 0 67
Fire Dogs andyr104 6 227
Hot Shots pville 0 65
Jack Hammers bignr37 0 112
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Legends captain10a 5 303
Snow Dogs bigtex1 1 81
Sons of HBD nesman 4 168
Spuds halter15 0 3
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mirage kitkit 5 61
Snow Leopards rockindock 2 205
Starrs golsen 7 120
Tully Monsters oudoggie22 1 40
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bombers bigsammich 1 68
Devil Shemps shempdevil 0 21
Iron Pigs goforbroke 1 29
Moonlighters jonstephen25 3 29
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Paddle Wheels mbooker 18 701
Problems JulieWinters 2 24
Rebels gary28mohr 0 126
Surf Riders X POKEYSAN 20 374
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Flattops worthagoogle 0 23
Moose mitt0108 14 126
Pintokonai jk27 0 52
Queens mannytanner 0 62
World Chat
Have a few good pitchers as well: Buddy Rath (P) , Trevor Glover (P) , Alfonso Castillo (P) , Yuniesky Flores (P)
Open to moving several good bats before the deadline: Larry Daily (B) , Don Wang (B) , Richard Buckner (LF) , Albert Delgado (RF) , Yadier Pascual (RF)
Kameron Drury (SS) is having the best season of his career, is signed for another season after this one, and is available for a top prospect. Send me a note or an offer.
Also available Woody Schneider (P) and Cliff Booker (P) on the pitching side!
Noe Valentin (B), Crash Olsen (CF), Pedro Tabata (B), Erick Roosevelt (C), Seth Urich (C), and Ezequiel Valdez (SS) all available before the trade deadline!
7Yankees7 has rolled to S48 -- we have three openings. Long running, no drama, max flexibility league. All here welcome. Password is: Dan Russell
Why not both! Haha!
His watch, her watch. End the debate already Julie.
You're a stone cold killer, you'll be the best! On another note, I've got a couple of relievers that could use a change of scenery: Lonny Rodriguez (P) & Jolbert Gandarillas (P) - ma...
I'll do the best I can to follow in JulieWinters' footsteps. We always had quick rollovers under his watch.

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