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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Baseball Team Jperiodj 0 11
Bearded Weirdos misterpa 1 31
LakeMonsters swing_addict 0 25
Patriots thelandman23 0 23
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves vino5 4 127
Cinners langer1979 2 70
Orange Chickens uncball4life 1 17
Panthers tdfactory 2 543
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Banditos sport65 1 147
Jason Mendozas srunstro 0 35
Montenegros scarpio 0 130
Strolls ampipe100 0 24
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Boyz of Summer Scotb50 0 28
Gladiators the_spartan1 7 55
RainClouds mattysmitty 2 74
Rounders Bannor15 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beavers gtandrews 0 5
Conspiracy japheth007 3 92
Flying Fish matthewm3 1 49
Pranksters idigapygmy 28 255
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cubs clavelleba 0 83
Mets hatchetman 8 114
sluggers renrog 1 198
Wheaties nalleyjohn 1 131
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dingos excel418 1 73
Pulled Pork jkbernadt 0 82
Round Rock Express bckrull 0 165
Sounds Tigers68_84 0 2
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beagles nuclearelf37 0 74
Humuhumukununukuapua karl_hungus 0 48
Totems quelch 2 39
Wildfires Elibob 0 3
World Chat
I have three veteran pitchers that I need to move. Willing to pay up to 1/2 of their salaries.
Looking for prospects in return. Open to Diamond in the Rough Guys with high upside. Send offers on any or all if you have an interest. Woodie Gray (P) Chad Faulk (P) Garabez Perez (P)
Kristopher Krol (P) is added to the trade block. Only prospects in return please.
Trade block updated
Age former st overall pick Walt Duncan (B) available for prospects. Wants $. as Arb or $.x LT, your call.
The Bearded Weirdos would like to thank Bryan Creek (P) for his + seasons with the franchise. He retires at , having pitched + innings in the minors and in the Show. His work ethic was
inspiring and he will remain a role model for young pitchers coming to our organization. His carreer is a statement that if a pitcher is committed to the Bearded Weirdos, he will be rewarded with a ML...
Starling Ayala (P) available, wants $.M in arb or $.M x
lol, filter blocking out the H,O,M,O letters in Bill Thom0e's name. Even a game generated name that has nothing to do with a slur gets corrected. What a world.
Will do a sign and trade for Yangervis Seguignol (P). $M or $. x

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