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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bearded Weirdos misterpa 1 20
LakeMonsters swing_addict 0 17
Shaved Weirdos rileyf1 1 215
Thunder dupala1 1 59
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bullets darbyb79 0 17
Jumbo Shrimp tatankawya 2 65
Panthers tdfactory 2 474
Shadow hystericslap 11 132
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cuachicqueh nhollan 6 79
Roughnecks dmac1213 0 3
Sole Survivors sneekes 9 182
Vatos Locos mcauley 2 45
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gladiators the_spartan1 4 41
Mountain Lions jfuchs31 0 54
RainClouds mattysmitty 1 42
Sod Poodles DL21 0 23
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Conspiracy japheth007 3 77
Flying Fish matthewm3 1 37
High Life averagejoe15 8 72
Pranksters idigapygmy 20 200
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cubs clavelleba 0 32
Lomas rsf507 5 47
Rockers displacednyr 1 72
sluggers renrog 1 150
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Knights wilhammer 0 22
Dingos excel418 1 56
Penturners thewheaties 0 231
Pulled Pork jkbernadt 0 66
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beagles nuclearelf37 0 55
Humuhumukununukuapua karl_hungus 0 40
padres Uva1 0 1
Tea Baggers llajay2k 6 80
World Chat
Pete Barkley (P) Available.
Preston Weber (P) and Rick Cunnane (P) available. Looking to clear some cap space. Willing to trade prospects. Thanks!
Looking to trade Tony Maxwell (P) to free up cap space. Not looking for much in return.
If you can't sign both, draft a player you want with the 3rd pick and then rank a player at 4 that is low in the rankings that will not sign this year.
After the draft, offer the regular pick the full asking price and let him reject it. Then offer a contract to the Type D pick. This way, you sign one and punt to next season where you will have th...
Houston: If you make an offer and your Type D pick doesn't sign, you lose the Type D player. If you make a full offer on your regular pick from this season and he doesn't sign, you get the Ty...
Lol. Lots of crying. Hey everyone please don’t veto the trade between myself and dmac1213. I am trying to get him a little cash to assist him with signing those picks. It’s not much but it’s something...
If you don't make an offer, I believe you just lose the pick without any compensation... and then he does in fact cry.
He cries.
Question for the vets....If a team who has 2 top picks in a draft, does not have the funds to pay them, what happens?

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