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1 Spots Open
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Ball Busting Barnstormers hystericslap 11 151
Doughnuts bcpbcp7 11 105
Freeze rschaitkin 0 62
Minotaur gatesfanelli 0 18
Franchise Owner Titles Season
91ers raiders91sc 9 128
Big Chiefs drewster0 0 62
Bread Box daweiproject 2 59
Mountaineers ka163508 0 28
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bats coachky 0 10
Junkies foodew 3 49
Lizards laker853 0 35
Stampede tmfran 8 663
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Lava zyrion 9 52
RedHawks greygoose123 1 77
Stars obiewon777 13 248
Turbo Snails CamdenGhost 0 55
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hoodrats zeustis01 16 174
Hornets vikesxv 1 137
Islanders roundfrog 8 194
Reds badmoon06 1 50
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Available Franchise none 0 0
Braves mattyjim 1 65
Jakes Jokers Jake351977 0 31
Stargells idigapygmy 21 211
Franchise Owner Titles Season
3-Eyed Ravens goodtymes31 2 207
Bandoliers johnny6 0 74
El Tri berrybasher 0 12
Wranglers hockey1984 1 56
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Ball Hitters pajammies 5 107
Krakens carsanity 0 34
NOLAs tah3306 0 126
Storm mysticrain 4 109
World Chat
Welcome to the men from Vlad!
Yeah laker Santa Fe is a fun place to be a hitter
Do we have 1 more here willing to swap ?
Looks like 1 more in Vlad is willing to swap wants sitemail password sent to him
If we have 1 more on both teams willing to swap Vlad will be full and Double Foxx will only have 1 to go any takers ?
Welcome! Appreciate everyone who participated in the swap!
I’m here from Vlad. Bring your power hitters when you visit, they should have a good time.
No problem looks like Vlad is down to one now
Welcome, ka163508! Glad to have you.
Joined from Vlad Guerrero... what’s up everyone, thanks for doing a swap.

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