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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bleacher Bums rileyf1 1 196
Doughnuts bcpbcp7 8 90
Freeze rschaitkin 0 50
Wood Chippers jlm612 0 16
Franchise Owner Titles Season
91ers raiders91sc 7 112
Bread Box daweiproject 2 56
Earlham Quakers willcatfan 2 69
Lust rubnsly 0 62
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arawaks dwyck07 2 117
Beagles sdbeagle 0 38
Junkies foodew 2 41
Stampede tmfran 8 617
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Backward K diesel3350 7 124
Golden Gophers stach14 0 21
Macaws zyrion 7 46
Stars obiewon777 13 223
Franchise Owner Titles Season
AA Team SimSoxs 0 113
Hoodrats zeustis01 10 152
Hornets vikesxv 0 121
Islanders roundfrog 8 180
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves mattyjim 0 43
Bums Weiss240 0 36
Colonels jrock1477 1 32
Stargells idigapygmy 19 194
Franchise Owner Titles Season
3-Eyed Ravens goodtymes31 2 196
Bandoliers johnny6 0 60
Cherokee Reps 3 214
El Tri berrybasher 0 5
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Ball Hitters pajammies 4 89
Krakens carsanity 0 27
Storm mysticrain 4 98
Strat-O’s tah3306 0 114
World Chat
Try 10 PC and plan on resting him after 3 appearances.
What kind of PC can you even set for a guy with 79 stamina, 5 durability?
Well there we go out of 1st place says the manager of the most underachieving team I have managed in a long time.
Mark Perez (SS) available for starting pitcher prospect
Dont forget his 0-5 in SB's...holy cow. You should cut
Mo Fox (B) not worthy of AS spot. Guess minus plays outweighs great offensive production.
Darrell Nen (P) is basically addicted to the drink at this point. Always tough to replace a high s ERA.
Dang it! Who passed the bottle to Bunny Hampton (P)
To be fair Brett Miadich (LF) has a batting eye, and only one was off your sp. Posiedon Power (P) deserves getting crushed by lefties.
You have to love when your LH starter gives up 3 HRs to a guy with 26 eye 81 power 28 vL

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