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Below is a snapshot of what makes HBD the #1 baseball simulation game on any device.
World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crush peoria 18 180
FC Dinamo lfkbibanul 4 202
Oddballs tittiboi 3 79
Wolverines flbarons 1 446
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Sox gnocc 0 176
Bread Box daweiproject 3 70
Bullies rookie30000 2 157
Lake Monsters bobaluba 0 16
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Junkies foodew 4 73
Lollygaggers jaydodson 0 64
Space Cadets cuck 1 89
Spurs editor21 2 234
Franchise Owner Titles Season
A's johnjmcgraw 0 38
Broncos finnski 3 314
Drift Kcindc02 0 30
Storm bballc 8 181
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Baby Bears rschaitkin 0 152
Sidearms ramonshaw 1 90
Sugar Beets mbooker 20 946
Wildcats carseneau 7 173
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Lineman staycool 0 43
Spiders mattyjim 3 169
Sugar Maples cshake93 4 178
Wranglers MJT99 0 10
Franchise Owner Titles Season
3-Eyed Ravens goodtymes31 4 275
Bandoliers johnny6 0 169
Colonels lukeb31 9 116
Diablos stonewalter 1 772
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Ball Hitters pajammies 6 167
beaneaters ktielinen 0 4
NOLAs tah3306 1 232
Portly Pitbulls steve15dog 0 12
World Chat
Agreed. Good luck, Steve - you're always welcome back. I'll work to find a replacement.
hopefully everything will be alright Steve - Family first always...
Unfortunately due to some unforseen family circumstances, I am going to have to leave all my HBD teams, I am sorry that I putting the league in a difficult situation having to find a replacement owner...
I was just making a joke.
Fingers, Lee Smith too. All negative W-L’s
W-L don’t mean too much for a closer. Bruce Sutter is under .500. It’s the Saves, save %, era and awards like Fireman and All- Stars. I think he is worthy IMO but just one vote there
Yeah but only .500 record. Sad.
Kinda crazy to me how good Jose Sardinha (P) has been in his career, just hit saves, over % converting them, and his ratings are good, but not great. Hopeful HoF candidate when he hangs them up
Team: You suck.
Looking to upgrade at SP. TC me if you're selling and have guys who have cleared waivers. Prospect(s) available.

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