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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Misfits rugrat 0 292
Polygamy potman44 0 37
Scrappies swtddyrog 0 13
Tools Gus_McCrae 0 8
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Rain jcarver67 0 89
Pirates easton0614 0 9
Polar Bears scottevans21 1 46
Slump Busters rileyf1 0 127
Franchise Owner Titles Season
DOTA Pros jsn1642 1 21
Dusters sportznut11 0 39
RiverDogs sinfonian11 2 94
Soul jake72 3 35
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arsenal dsmba 5 138
Athletics gregor199 2 313
Dodgers ck22 0 15
Pack Rats jsturgis5866 5 139
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beast bullet6464 6 105
Canadians rkodonnell 2 65
Cros Reds cro3147 0 190
Phlash keith1995 2 94
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blacksheep shepdawg14 2 50
Brooklyn Green Sox Seventy_77 0 24
Queen's Men Erran 2 111
Zombies opie5 20 284
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Champs Brisque 6 112
Fire Ants trbrew 0 29
Legionnaires mlhutch 17 222
Talons appst 0 21
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Code Red ramonshaw 0 34
Stormchasers gerald007 3 144
Volcanoes stonewalter 1 444
Warriors arthur 1 226
World Chat
Open up players page and click on the green + sign to the left. In chat, click on the up arrow.
How do you add the player links to a chat message?
At least with hitters..
From what I gather playing someone with say 86% he's more receptive to an injury rather than poor performance. I could be wrong.
yeah but I would think that DUR would effect the players performance, not the evaluation of his performance. If anything... being that he's sat a lot and is at 86%, it makes his numbers even mor...
My DUR-challenged catcher Chi-Chi Espinoza is nd to Wainwright in SLG and OPS and he's not on the list, either.
Yes, he's having a good year for the wild-card Dodgers (pls, wild-card only! :-) ), but he's not top 20 in SLG or OPS or top 10 in ribbies.
I personally think Oliva would be an excellent choice. ;D
.. Willie Oliva currently leading the AL list is sort of a joke, and he's only there because of his + plays at B, as rs suggests.
The forumula also hurts low-DUR guys.. Wainwright's at 86% and already missed 24 games. Still, he might make it on the list by season's end.

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