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1 Spots Open
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Available Franchise none 0 0
Honey Badgers vlpratt62 1 179
Misfits rugrat 1 361
Scrappies swtddyrog 3 60
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Rain jcarver67 0 180
Mooseheads Devilsbag 1 25
Polar Bears scottevans21 2 81
Tater Tots KosmoK 0 31
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Naturals playboy33 4 117
Rail Riders sportznut11 0 53
River Dogs sinfonian11 2 157
Soul jake72 15 135
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Desperados madduxfan95 0 20
Five-O's AllSox 8 335
Mustangs mdonegan 13 253
Scorch crales44 2 64
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beast bullet6464 7 120
Lynx browningrm 0 32
Pacifics rkodonnell 4 106
Phlash keith1995 3 125
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blacksheep shepdawg14 4 80
Brooklyn Green Sox Seventy_77 3 113
Queen's Men Erran 3 155
Zombies opie5 23 324
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Burnt Ends MossEdD 0 28
Colt .45s vanrip77 1 45
Legionnaires mlhutch 21 313
Mayans frapercaperp 0 44
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cracklin Rosies mbooker 19 813
Osprey ramonshaw 1 70
Salamanders gerald007 6 243
Surge willsauve 21 154
World Chat
Hey guys, I’m listening to offers for Brandon Incaviglia(CF).
He’s a really nice young guy, but I’m in kind of a budget crunch. He wants 5.1 for one year or 5.7 long term. I can make it work, but that five mil would give me some breathing room. Looking for a l...
Julio Marrero (B) and Earle Pie (RF) are also available but they'll cost more.
Pie especially would take an absolute haul to get. I don't need to move either of these guys though so don't waste our time thinking I'm going to give them away.
Ethan Sterns (C) Onan Sano (CF) Gary Hively (LF) Marty Berken (P) Lance Russell (P) Nash Holt (P) Bernard Boggs (P)
We're getting ready to roll at a bad time for me so I'm getting a jump on the offseason. I've got a few guys who can help a better team. Most I'm not looking for much in return. I j...
I'm back bullet ... give me a couple seasons and we'll get this team straightened out and back in contention. Gunning for a Beast/Mustang series by season 57
Shopping, Clark Davis (RF)
Welcome! One more. Good job shep

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