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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Honey Badgers vlpratt62 1 165
Misfits rugrat 1 342
Scrappies swtddyrog 3 46
Tools Gus_McCrae 0 24
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Rain jcarver67 0 147
Mooseheads Devilsbag 1 17
Polar Bears scottevans21 2 69
Tater Tots KosmoK 0 23
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dusters sportznut11 0 49
Naturals playboy33 3 104
River Dogs sinfonian11 2 136
Soul jake72 12 108
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arch Angels kmoyer 0 157
Five-O's AllSox 8 300
Rockies Redst 0 2
Saints buddy996 2 99
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beast bullet6464 7 115
Lynx browningrm 0 20
Pacifics rkodonnell 3 94
Phlash keith1995 3 117
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blacksheep shepdawg14 4 73
Brooklyn Green Sox Seventy_77 2 86
Queen's Men Erran 3 140
Zombies opie5 23 314
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colt .45s vanrip77 1 37
Legionnaires mlhutch 18 288
Mayans frapercaperp 0 40
Smoked Squirrels MossEdD 0 7
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cracklin Rosies mbooker 19 750
Osprey ramonshaw 0 56
Salamanders gerald007 5 210
Surge willsauve 21 139
World Chat
Is Hartford in the Ukraine? I never understand their news reports
BS News- Hartford's BP is so tired, they had to go to 3 man rotation. And to top it off, have to cycle Cutler around to have 3 BP at 100% rested.
All my losses are by inept coaching and possibly executive level decisions.
50% of my losses are by 1 run. I hope I have addressed my bullpen with the trade I made and imminent return of Ron Whitehead.
12 by 1 run
every one of my 50 losses are by 1 run or more
14 out of my 35 loses are by one run. Hopefully that flip switches in the 2nd half!
Another crushing late inning loss.
I believe he will stay and I have someone that can mentor him. He will be fine so just be patient.
I don't know how people afford more than 2 teams. I can't.

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