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2 Spots Open
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Misfits rugrat 0 295
Rovers mcauley 1 31
Scrappies swtddyrog 1 15
Tools Gus_McCrae 0 9
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Rain jcarver67 0 92
Pirates easton0614 0 10
Polar Bears scottevans21 1 48
Slump Busters rileyf1 0 129
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colt 45's jasonakidd 0 20
Dusters sportznut11 0 40
RiverDogs sinfonian11 2 97
Soul jake72 6 40
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arsenal dsmba 5 140
Athletics gregor199 2 322
Dodgers ck22 0 17
Pack Rats jsturgis5866 5 140
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Available Franchise none 0 0
Beast bullet6464 6 106
Pacifics rkodonnell 2 67
Phlash keith1995 2 96
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blacksheep shepdawg14 2 52
Brooklyn Green Sox Seventy_77 0 26
Queen's Men Erran 2 112
Zombies opie5 20 290
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Available Franchise none 0 0
Fire Ants trbrew 0 32
Legionnaires mlhutch 17 226
Storm Chasers appst 0 22
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Code Red ramonshaw 0 35
Stormchasers gerald007 3 147
Volcanoes stonewalter 1 455
Warriors arthur 1 231
World Chat
Thanks shep - a little gap between the two would be greatly appreciated.
that works
If it is ok with you guys I will see if I can fill us so we can start next Friday. We have a good many owners in CAPB and that league is just starting. That should give us a little separation.
I'm fine with waiting until he returns - that will give a little break for those of us in CAPB too.
I think I'll have internet access where I'm at. At least enough to set my budget and what not. I don't want to leave because I just took this team over and want to see what I can build.
We will work it out.
I'm patient enough to wait until he comes back assuming we're filled by then. Not sure how others feel about that though.
working on a solution to scottievans21 issue.
I hate to be a wet blanket, but I'm probably going to have to drop. I'm leaving the country for 6 days on Saturday morning and don't want to miss the important parts of the off-season.
Welcome back shep. Let us know if you need help.

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