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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Misfits rugrat 0 297
Rovers mcauley 2 32
Scrappies swtddyrog 1 16
Tools Gus_McCrae 0 9
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Rain jcarver67 0 92
Pirates easton0614 0 10
Polar Bears scottevans21 1 48
Slump Busters rileyf1 1 137
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colt 45's jasonakidd 0 20
Dusters sportznut11 0 40
RiverDogs sinfonian11 2 99
Soul jake72 6 44
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arsenal dsmba 7 145
Athletics gregor199 2 329
Dodgers ck22 0 19
Pack Rats jsturgis5866 5 141
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beast bullet6464 6 106
Lynx browningrm 0 4
Pacifics rkodonnell 2 68
Phlash keith1995 2 96
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blacksheep shepdawg14 2 53
Brooklyn Green Sox Seventy_77 0 29
Queen's Men Erran 2 112
Zombies opie5 20 292
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cyclones cubsnation 0 1
Fire Ants trbrew 0 32
Legionnaires mlhutch 17 230
Storm Chasers appst 0 22
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Code Red ramonshaw 0 35
Stormchasers gerald007 3 148
Volcanoes stonewalter 1 463
Warriors arthur 2 236
World Chat
Let's not accept the offseason thing until there is a conversation with CS. Has there been one yet?
Can we put it in our private rules so people know up front...along with a minimum win requirement?
People need to sign on knowing they will lose their team if they don’t sign on in x days. Wis shouldn’t leave that suffering team to die good grief.
Not until the offseason.
So I scored 30 against Florida today...anything we can do to get him replaced?
Orlando Carrasco (B) What exactly did my international scouts see here. I thought I fired them weeks ago anyway.
Me too
I am also willing to take a bad contract if you're willing to include a prospect.
anyone looking to trade away big $ contracts with 2 years or less on them and willing to thrown in a prospect to sweeten the deal, hit me up. i can take on some short term salary
Yeah - and followed up by a 16 inning 3-2 loss - my pitching staff needs an off day badly - only 6 more games til we get one!

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