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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blackbirds mattyjim 2 127
Blues joelshields 1 131
Drive 24cabrera 0 0
Huskies fans_only 3 110
Franchise Owner Titles Season
CheeseSteaks Pengi0413 0 0
CHIN MUSIC brando_m 3 48
Horseshoe Crabs abracapocus 5 105
Steamers bob squad 1 45
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crushers mcsdabomb 0 40
Diamond Dogs acatala 2 118
Fort Worth Cats texedward 0 33
Mashers frae 3 55
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colossal Condors fflgopher 5 165
McGees dman15 2 66
Mental Patients Mike38hh 1 29
Pandas themayorbk 0 78
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Kamikaze unclejmd57 1 141
Saints geedub 0 37
Salamanders editor21 2 153
Silverbacks steelforge 12 226
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Big Red Machine meahsdaddy 5 145
Double-Plays tah3306 0 188
Pirates JCOCHESS 0 116
Silver Sabres greygoose123 2 96
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Wahoos mktulu2 4 133
Rangers berrybasher 0 39
Storm Bcr731 1 39
Swamp Rats davids4211 0 31
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulldogs jongdavis 10 179
Degenerates gurubaseball 2 25
Flatballers jds3d 3 47
Jakes jokers Jake351977 0 74
World Chat
Yeico Rosa (C) Julio Tapia (LF) Orlando Marin (SS) Chuck Minor (P) these guys could be had. not looking to just dump them at all. id expect legit quality prospects in return
Looking to move Derek Perez (B) for a young arm or CF
I like your comment GURU
also, i meant pinch runner more than pinch hitter. good base stealer.
Going to release Aubrey Dirks (B). He wants .M in arbitration if anyone wants to trade me a minor leager/sack of potatoes in a sign and trade. He's a solid defensive sub/pinch hitter, could mayb...
inexpensive DH blocked over here. Onan Yamaguchi (DH) looking for a prospect tc to start the ball rolling
I think that just means they want a no-trade clause
I'm not signing with a team just so they can trade me for a boat load of prospects in 2 months. does this mean im willing resign or im still going to fa
just push the button so u can go back to purgatory until u become relevant again when we roll next season

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