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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Drive chunkym 8 91
Sockeyes bruinsfan911 0 72
Stars ewells54 0 144
Steamrollers shiffy 1 108
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Patriots techmobo 1 139
Rookies statman527 0 90
Royals tdfactory 2 492
Swarm dschang 0 20
Franchise Owner Titles Season
City Limits pwesseler 4 55
Devil Rays brianp87 15 71
Hound Dogs Ianlacomb 0 20
Jesters kbrick 2 49
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dead Bunnies sylemark 4 412
Isotopes bigmattr 23 121
Sith Lord’s Stewart_UK 4 245
Skillz skilly006 1 39
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blizzzard groth911 3 173
Cream Citys m22pank 0 87
Down croninkin 0 34
Whalers slicknick777 0 30
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dragons PFru 0 6
Mafia bigronnie 1 192
Penguins tiskingmoon 4 85
Red Legs kb22 1 25
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Hornets hirschjt 7 62
Braves sergei1991 6 107
Devils jpelot 10 122
Diamonds madhungarian 0 41
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Backwoods UndeadElbow 0 13
Night Owls Pelot 2 79
Swiss Cheese bmsetterstro 0 67
Titans simonlittle 0 39
World Chat
Thank you
It started at the beginning of S2, so the first three year MWR total was S2+S3+S4. The current three year period would be S3+S4+S5.
The mwr. Was it implemented in season 2 or 3? Im pretty sure it was established later. I cant remember what season
Yay i passed my MWR for the three year period. Made it through the toughest years of my rebuild and ready to start competing baby!
4-10 last 14. So much for resting players.
Yeah I had a pitcher skipped leading to a pitcher who had one day left on an injury and now everything is in shambles.
Signed five new guys and activated someone off the dl so hopefully that gets me through til the others start to receiver... otherwise I’ll sign a few more
Syracuse, you ML pitchers are at 0
Amen. Injuries and the streakiness is enough to drive someone to take crack
I really can’t cop a treat in this league with injuries, after gaining a couple back from most of the season out a couple more go on there.

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