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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brew Crew affvid 2 37
Buzz ham00020 3 79
Homies panolo 2 41
White Wolves MaddMattyIce 0 25
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dingos excel418 1 58
Knights MabelO 0 12
lastplace justinuv 5 93
Raiders rileyf1 1 238
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buzzards anthrus 0 13
Chiefs bscho2 0 27
Racoons Machiavellia 0 1
Wolfpack Disable411 0 12
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Average Joes jus10sane 0 18
No Talent Ass Clowns jimmystick 7 69
Reno jnosek 0 93
Silver Bullets tlcogan7 0 48
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crusaders currin2929 0 27
Cyclones flbarons 0 147
Lumberjacks gouldenboy11 0 14
Peacocks ascho9 0 78
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Incredibles MikeLiv 0 11
Tornado goochks 0 39
Voltaic Vertiara 0 2
Warriors HerpDerpHurr 0 19
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Birds gambler62245 1 42
Brawlers jb2248cin 1 88
Mustangs krindor 4 85
Yuppies gingersnaps 0 11
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cruisers Mo_town 0 19
Firebirds Lefty1417 0 12
Grizzlies VikcidiaZ 0 2
Rainiers jaggedendz 0 12
World Chat
Thanks. Same to you. Was getting so many guys on base. Thought it was going to be a frustrating loss. First trip to the WS for me. Got my work cut out!
Congrats, gouldenboy. Great series
Thanks Jus10. You had me worried my team was going to be 1 and done for the 3rd year in the row with an epic collapse.
Congrats Matty. Good luck the rest of the way.
Thank you. I had a concession speech prepared (lol). Two extra innings games, and Game 5 is tied in the bottom of the 9th. Can't really ask for a closer series.
Great series Jimmystick. I am pleasantly surprised how far my Knights took the season, and it was a hard fought series. Good luck!
I’m as surprised as you are! Will see what kind of gas is left in the tank!
Great series, gambler ... I thought I was done when you won Game 4. Congrats on a great season.
Man that hurts - hell of a comeback goulden, good luck in the NLCS!
All 4 series going to a Game 5!

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