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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dodgers B00NE 0 0
Ninja Warriors karwai 1 81
Polar Bears jrobert77 2 49
Tornadoes ewd330 33 300
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blizzards mskakunan 0 82
Clippers FrToby 0 14
Pops applesauce94 4 17
Stone Throwers lagzilla 0 60
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Express bigronnie 1 300
fudds sylemark 4 503
Grind sir_slamalot 5 108
rockets lsutiger1972 0 1
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Battle Hawks tmfran 10 789
Black Sox avanslyke18 4 115
Hitters burk 2 207
Prowlers altoqueso 0 21
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Change Ups tommy_cian 1 107
Falcons Rolltrees15 0 4
Irish Midget Carnies mattcondo 5 20
Zmen chrisz 0 92
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Battery mtorabdaddy 2 193
Chaps SeguinBCT 0 26
Chili gigrant 0 12
Rojos Gatos soxyanks12 0 79
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hangovers pmuehlenkamp 6 62
Panhandlers cosmicblob 1 43
Shadowfolk Ghostrunner 0 109
Tweakers dirtyhill03 3 83
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Grizzlies rdierkers 7 108
Hollywoods tytabs 3 56
Unknown Tigers tah3306 0 183
Waffles Zattack 8 194
World Chat
You’re being kind.
I thought there were 2 that were not great trades.
I think it's helpful if a trade that should potentially be vetoed is RESPECTFULLY pointed out on the world chat. I often dont have time to look at other trades.
Agreed on the trades. If a deal looks egregious, you should or at least TC the owners and ask for an explanation.
Looking to deal Tony Tapia (P) . Willing to help with salary.
Owners- please put in the time to review trades. 95% of trades are fine, even if you don't necessarily like them. The other 5% are lopsided and illogical. Please take a hard look at some of the...
Closers Posiedon Parker (P) and Rob Black (P) are available. Trade chat if interested.
I appreciate all the interest (!) in Burnett, but if I did not chat you, you're not in the running.
I have several good players in the last years of their deals that can be had reasonably
It is very rare for me to trade anyone but I have made a couple of trades so far, so if you looking to make a deal, now might be a good time!

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