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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blizzards shawnnj 1 69
Park Rangers rschaitkin 0 152
Rush MikeLiv 2 87
WhiteCaps~^^ the_wacker 1 113
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Booze Hounds MajesticWitt 0 37
Lugnuts DavidA15 0 2
Native Americans livysdaddy 6 264
Railriders SpC1165 9 181
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gunslingers chamorro 0 5
Industriales GlennECraven 0 26
Locust kingdean 2 287
Outlaws jagtown 0 60
Franchise Owner Titles Season
KBO tah3306 1 232
Roadrunners andyr104 8 385
Sandwiches Kuzenheimer 1 40
Scottsmen cuck 1 89
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Expos msmsales 6 151
Green Sox Verd 1 124
Mafia mayoscm30 3 36
Twins PaleHose72 0 80
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Capone's tony23 1 486
Professors pjrobb 0 107
redbirds joe11monk 0 6
Rivers kidcreeley 35 346
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Busch Leaguers david_freese 0 15
FC Dinamo lfkbibanul 4 202
Hyenas jslipford916 1 54
Verde Diablos dwise89 4 53
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dragons mikeygren 0 43
Firebirds kartchy 9 79
Lynx davids4211 0 44
Ravens maharacer 16 188
World Chat
Need to clear a ML roster spot going into the season. Wanted to see if anyone has interest in Kendrys Alomar (P). Just looking for a guy who could potentially reach the majors but has a few years b...
Very possible. Got a day off in Hoops Dynasty.
HAHA - WIS forgot that there was a leap year!
Site Staff
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Thanks the_wacker... duhhhh! [smh} lol
Only need 2 in Dale Murphy. Send me a note if you want the password.
If you feel like all you are missing in your lineup is home runs. Then Enerio Arias (B) is your guy. Reigning MVP is still on the block.
Well since it's a new world there haven't been any ability to nominate anyone so no candidates yet!
tried to look at HOF Voting and right now its unavailable. Anyone else get this message?
Vic Amaro (B) available to.. looking for OF, B or pitchers if i get a good offer. Can take some salary for a good player

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