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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Labatts alogman1 15 593
Metro's njcomet 2 195
Redbirds bogden1971 0 37
Rock Thunderb53 0 14
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Boogers scarpio 0 19
Cardinals bigalric 1 235
Northern Lightning wrlore 7 182
Wings friarboy 0 39
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Jeans dfdarby 0 109
Predators gerald007 4 182
Resurgence jaycee55 5 63
Sluggers purplehaze54 4 271
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bobcats bonac624 0 47
Buxtons mcbellows 0 98
StRangers mgreed1954 0 102
Waves Zattack 3 89
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bronx Bombers georgejd 3 47
Otters jlm612 0 17
Thunder tatankawya 2 62
Woodchippers mathias04 1 70
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Pythons dnichols1026 0 10
Rabbits timma27 4 72
ravens marsh_1 0 101
Tomcats thuggis 0 3
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves warrior0510 0 232
Master Batters oakman310 10 175
Oilers fats47 0 40
Ravagers havoc666 0 10
Franchise Owner Titles Season
SEA LIONS alebear 1 314
Surf Riders POKEYSAN 20 378
Volcanoes roundfrog 8 182
Wookies Seventy_77 2 61
World Chat
Rebuild is on. Who wants a multi time All Star who is under a reasonable contract for the next several years. Derek Alfaro (RF)
I’m seeing this yr’s stats.
Anyone interested in Tony Martin (B) ?
Is anyone else seeing last years stats when in roster edit?
Most of the higher salaries expire at seasons end so only taking on the higher salary this year in most cases.
It's looking like one of those years again at the ML level for my team. No sense being a high salary team and still not climbing up the standings.
Willing to listen and deal almost ANY player at the ML or AAA level making more than 500K in exchange for lower level prospects. Look things over and make an offer. Looking to wheel and deal, if any...
The ones I got there is no way to tell until you sign them. It is a great surprise when it happens.
Or I'd throw in some cash if you want to send me someone better.
Anyone want to trade a righty reliever for one of my lefty relievers? Looking for same stamina and ratings just right handed. Somehow I became lefty heavy.

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