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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buckeyes jtreeves72 0 28
Campbells livysdaddy 6 143
Hammerheads steelforge 11 210
Van Slykes avanslyke18 4 103
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves bigthrowsie 0 99
Dunder Mifflin ascho9 1 117
O's jfribush 5 64
Yankees bignr37 0 138
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Firestorm sport65 1 147
Griffins ckid7335 0 0
Mustangs kurtc 0 12
Pujols steel2670 3 48
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gamblers Cornerinn27 0 43
Invaders TooSmoothMoF 0 3
Lastplace justinuv 6 138
Menacing Mormon Matriarchs jlittle523 1 62
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bluegrass Barons coachky 0 18
Breakdowns bxtxcx 7 156
Puff Adders fflgopher 4 144
Swearengens aikdog 6 109
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aces aceball 0 15
Devil Dog's jethroeg 0 56
Foghorns rls1 11 109
Mets urbanwarrior 0 132
Franchise Owner Titles Season
BootLeggers rbjb 0 104
Colt .45s efeighny 0 82
Feral Hogs patvint27 0 14
Sultanes jying98 3 180
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Knights av84aal 2 115
Land Sharks TAVoorhees 1 92
Sellswords cspring 1 82
Strikers sully712 1 16
World Chat
Yeah! Let's get this off-season started!
Where's the Hot Stove action? Trading frenzy? Replies to trade offers, even? Hello?
4-0 in Arbs. never had a sweep in my favor
Damn, did I already miss the Budget process?!
Looking for a top-of-the-rotation starting pitcher. Have prospects to move.
Time to rebuild
If anyone has interest in trading for Khris Henley (SS) TC. He's asking for $. in arb or years/$..
Looking to move minor league pitching prospects (almost all in AAA) for minor league hitting prospects.
And I didn't budget enough for players as wanting to build through draft, oh well, I'll be the Minor League Whipping boy this year for sure. Will try to trade a couple of guys so will see how...
Yes, Kurt, I believe they'll still count on the books. How did Ronald Laxton (LF) get that big salary? (I know it was previous owner)

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