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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bees tajohn 2 114
Campbells livysdaddy 6 264
of Summer LCDudes 4 156
Van Slykes avanslyke18 4 141
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hornets willsauve 27 179
O's jfribush 5 81
WantSomeGetSome gmoney1151 1 70
Yankees bignr37 0 162
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chews dudemac 0 139
Dead-Rabbits russilini 1 238
Thunderbolts dfdarby 3 176
Wranglers bcbillym 0 15
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gamblers Cornerinn27 1 75
Lastplace justinuv 8 199
Menacing Mormon Matriarchs jlittle523 1 85
Supersonics TooSmoothMoF 0 51
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bluegrass Barons coachky 0 26
Puff Adders fflgopher 7 204
Swearengens aikdog 7 134
Syrup emorust 1 54
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aces aceball 0 23
Crashers gmlear 1 112
Lawmakers jethroeg 0 64
Mets urbanwarrior 0 156
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gigantes merott 17 107
Heavyweights cshake93 4 180
Lobsters patvint27 2 40
Rolling Thunder sport65 1 203
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Knights av84aal 2 123
Land Sharks TAVoorhees 1 118
Sellswords cspring 1 101
Wind Surge hofma 2 63
World Chat
Paulie Becker (B) is looking for a new home..bit of a log jam. looking for young arms or similar players
Does anyone need a backup backstop with a big bat? I got two and would like to move one before ST is over.
Douglas Perez looks like a sure thing HOF with that 2.59 career ERA and multiple roles during his career.
Voted for HOF
If a pitching star is on your radar you don't have to look too far - check out Phil Darr (P).
Phil Darr (P) is an innings machine with a career . ERA. I have an imbalance of lefties on the staff so if you need a number type starter I’m willing to trade.
Looking to move prospects for an All-Star caliber bat,
preferably a leadoff type guy (contact/eye/speed). Any prospects can be moved for the right guy including Guy Bumgarner (P) , Morgan Bonilla (B) , Robb Longoria (RF)
Nigel Slocumb (P) available for next to nothing. Can even help with a little of the salary.

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