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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulls peashburg 0 30
Mountaineers nunner 0 25
Office Workers czechanak 0 20
Woodchucks deadwoodchuc 0 4
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Maine Bull Moose grampaharrim 0 0
Red Machine jc44 23 236
RiverDogs ironman2011 2 39
ROOKIES mrx39 2 163
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brute Squad arcticlegend 8 140
Cats Dufferman 0 262
Diablos stealcompany 0 109
Fodder mattfurjan 13 130
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cougars kartchy 6 47
Hurricanes Hawk33 0 18
Nighthawks jrokeefe12 0 14
Tacoma Nocorona zSTLj 0 1
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Librarians Josh_Exley 0 16
MuckDawgs yates33 0 61
Star Destroyers lolthelogman 2 16
Timberjacks mosley80 1 92
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Fudds sylemark 4 425
minute men renrog 1 168
Soles job314 11 131
Turgid Warriors Feamster 18 528
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chupacabras xigamma119 0 6
Letters constableuw 0 13
Senadores oakman310 15 207
Tigers goblue812 0 42
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Asymptotes horvie78 2 49
Roadrunners andyr104 6 256
Sand Storm thebigdogs 4 67
Slayers beachboy71 8 91
World Chat
Malik Davey (B) available for young ML, or ML ready, pitching
I agree with everything you said. However, trading vets for prosps or prosps for vets depends on the current state of your ML team (there are also long term considerations).
Right now, at the halfway point, he's in the running for the playoffs. If he needs BP help then he should try to make a deal or two. As we both know, you don't make the playoffs every season....
Agree to disagree. It’s not the absolute disaster trades that are the big problem.
Those will get vetoed (assuming people are paying attention). But the kinda bad deals, especially the ones where you trade prospects for veterans, can add up and really ruin your experience.
But then again, zSTLj, make whatever deal you want. All trades need to be approved by a majority of owners, so we'll keep you from making terrible deals!
If you don’t know how to do trades, you probably shouldn’t make one. It’s really easy for a new player to make a bad deal. Better to wait a couple seasons to figure out how the player ratings system w...
Yates send me something, I'm looking for 3 or 4 or bullpen. Idk how to do the trades
Tony Granados (P) , Moises Martin (P) , Aroldis Torres (P) all avail
That’s the most I’ve ever spent on an IFA. I hope it pays off.

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