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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cheesesteaks gigrant 0 29
Crusaders burton2231 0 190
Gamblers Mo_town 2 93
Tweakers dirtyhill03 5 116
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Kaisers usibjc 1 94
Madea's Gang drewster0 0 161
Orangemen crales44 2 90
Steamers DetroitMike 2 57
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hornsbys mskakunan 1 98
Marauders wrecks 23 236
Shockers msmsales 6 151
Yeti Crabs Ghostrunner 0 123
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aztecs alogman1 17 716
Divine Wind danknuggz 6 149
Killer Cacti Robin80 0 23
Padres bigronnie 1 372
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crawfords pengoman 1 114
Moose blue mug 4 141
Screamers altoqueso 1 40
Stugots tony23 1 486
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buffalo Wingers kwheeler 0 44
Midnight Express danles814 0 7
Red Rocks bwanakev 0 57
Yankees kbingham 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Commode Odors JDStuart 0 7
Heat NotoriousJ 2 143
Jazz renrog 1 250
Land Dragons congobillie 3 102
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Busteds thumper64 0 1
Diamondbacks andyr104 8 385
Expos Muville_nine 4 44
Sun Devils chamorro 0 5
World Chat
I have a couple of elite prospects in Al Alberto (B) and Victor Belliard (DH) that don’t have an immediate path to at bats.
I’d be open to turning them into good prospects at different positions if something interesting is out there
Olmedo Ramirez (SS) Cesar Guerrero (P) available for trade
Looking to move the following arb eligible players, Riley Janssen (RF), LaTroy Roth (LF), and Alex Robinson (B). Trade chat or make an offer.
Offensive B Sam Davis (B) is available. Asking $ million in arb, will take $. million long term.
Oh, and an SP who went 15-2 with an ERA south of 3 last season. He pitched really well in the post season too. All reasonable offers considered.
Pitching and defense wins championships and I just put 2 gold glovers and a couple of quality relievers on the trade block.
Shoot me a trade chat message any time. I'm only 7 seasons in and the learning curve is steep. Good news is most of these guys are more than willing to help.
I will have lots of questions. Any other rookie GM's?
Thanks, found it. Up to speed now.

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