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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Bears Tcas4ever 0 7
Gamblers Mo_town 0 23
Grey Royals nethawk_58 0 1
Samurai seattleace 7 96
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Boston Tea Party Reggie02 0 0
Kaisers usibjc 1 64
Monuments sccrplyr16 0 113
Orioles terps21234 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aggies ascho9 0 81
Powers TXExpress713 0 19
Shockers msmsales 2 94
Southern Belles oriolemagic 7 85
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hardcases wrecks 15 166
Killer Cacti Robin80 0 1
Plebians danknuggz 6 123
Slayers beachboy71 8 88
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Moonballers Baums_away 1 12
Moose blue mug 4 94
Spartans MHanny17 0 7
Stugots tony23 1 334
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Florida Flippers ssbritt 0 0
Lions kshrekler 0 4
Red Rocks bwanakev 0 42
Whodats ColCrunch 0 12
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dos Equis Amigos mskakunan 0 57
Heat SpC1165 0 0
Land Dragons congobillie 0 58
Valdez buckdeep 0 3
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bison ukwildcats 0 65
Cats asher413 1 52
Heisenbergs leinbacker 0 26
Invaders dayte327 1 229
World Chat
Bartlett, Lincoln, Osborne, Colome, Simon
Colome should be a lead pipe cinch.
blue mug
Not a lot of wins or saves, but have a look at that 2.84 ERA and 1.09 WHIP over 2400 Innings and 1190 Games. Should be a shoe-in.
If I may, Colome was the most valuable player of Seattle's WS run back in the day. A 90/90 split w/ 43 stamina and 80+ durability. An absolute beast.
Bartlett, Lohse, Osborne, Terrell, Colome
Bartlett, Colome, Osbourne, Simon, Terrell
blue mug
Voted. Phil Simon (P), Willie Colome (P), Carl Bartlett (RF), Sean Lohse (B), Ugueth Gil (B).
I voted for Bartlett, Pujuls,Radinsky,Lohse, and Noesi.
Well they finally ran a free season promotion, when's the last time that's happened?

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