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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canadians fans_only 3 77
Canadiens mr_greek 4 15
Cervesa Gigante drewster0 0 18
Tramps Abroad gorshar 2 103
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Clowns davewillie 0 145
Dingers tmurph13 0 31
Hit Men rodney1969 0 20
Red Wings dupala1 1 22
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brower topoftheworl 17 141
Fort Worth Cats texedward 0 7
Knights urbanwarrior 0 96
Lucero kidcreeley 16 118
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Breakers luvfootball 0 24
Coyotes kcbp 0 151
Mental Patients Mike35h 0 4
Salmon bwkirk 1 13
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Kamikaze unclejmd57 1 89
Mashers santorules 1 65
Phillies KGS77 0 56
Rockets Rodneyhuff 3 99
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bull Hitters raidersfan 8 201
Cavaliers madhungarian 0 20
Grey Barons malcolmx14 0 11
Reznors knine 6 103
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aztecs timb116 7 106
Charleston Chews chousey41 0 0
Nasty Mustaches niefy 0 17
Thunder Cats mysticrain 2 66
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulldogs jongdavis 2 73
Flatballers jds3d 2 30
jakes jokers Jake351977 0 10
Jets spcaesar 0 57
World Chat
Ishmael Molina, Donnie Scahill and Bradley Ward has been added to the trade block. Looking for some pitching in return.
Added some bats to the trade block. Will listen to all offers
Lloyd Coppolecchia (LF) available if anyone needs a bat off the bench. He's not getting enough play on my team.
Gorshar, that's cuz IFA's suck
I can't believe I spent 20 million on ifa scouting and didn't see Baez. I would have try to get him
First Baez, now Tapies.
Wow, this is the second time a stud IFA has signed with another team without giving me a chance to increase my offer.
Gus Nakamura (B) willing to trade him no room for him in my lineup.Sign for $. for next year.Will include prospect to take
Allen Lincoln (P) still available, want a ML position player for depth and a stud prospect
Please make it stop

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