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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Defenders Jason_White 0 1
Mendozas cwiddoes 6 98
Red Royals hypnotoad 13 216
Tigers raginirish 0 44
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves mdefraga 1 66
Hit Men ElPote26 0 7
Mud Hens tatankawya 2 130
Subway Heroes TXExpress713 1 54
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bball Junkies dsilent1 0 88
Buffaloes rbedwell 56 450
Fighting Beignets AndyT13 1 72
Phoenix shawnnj 1 68
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Annihilators alogman1 16 707
Cowboys jc44 30 289
Dodgers McGirkTheJer 3 60
Splinters coltjj 2 141
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blizzard Scramm85 0 87
Bull Riders maharacer 16 184
Hard Hitters jverrier85 3 54
Wind renrog 1 245
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Paw Sox sonofthebear 0 220
Renegades KPMcClave 8 144
Robins mskakunan 0 95
Squires Robin80 0 21
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Burns dwhit34 2 323
La raza poboyheimer 0 32
Pee Wees kmoyer 0 272
Venom mowbs69 7 331
Franchise Owner Titles Season
I'll think of one later gorshar 13 298
Magic fosterdj3 0 39
Misfits kevsgirl 0 9
Rattlers yanks21 31 302
World Chat
Updated TB. Looking to move Diego Bravo (RF) and Kiké Gabriel (B)
It’s possible that there might be a trade in the works for Dustan Hernandez (P), if interested I would suggest putting in best and final offers.
Any of these bench types help anyone? Rafael Fernandez (LF) Felipe Lee (RF) R.J. Rivera (P) Denny Wang (SS). Just looking for some prospects help stock my minors
Henry Bailey (P) is available. Wants $.M in arb or $M for years LT
Open to moving anyone on the ML club for quality prospects or pre-arb MLers. Hollins would take a haul,
but plenty of other very good vets, too, like: Hisanori Chen (P), Pepe Park (P), Albert Solis (P), Paul Dunham (B), Rogers Reichert (B), Chan Ho Kim (C), etc. TC if interested.
I`m still looking for a impact bat, elite RP or top of the rotation SP if anyone is available. I have some good prospects like Asdrubal Johnson (C) ,
James Chang (SS) , Rigo Bournigal (P) and Joe Fielder (P) available. My roster is about full so not looking for a package of veterans just a big upgrade somewhere.
Leury Suarez (B) is available
You're taking over a team, so you have your option of starting with all at 10 and moving up or down accordingly, or else assuming the previous owner's budget and working from there.

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