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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Divinities thewheaties 0 216
Milligans jain303 0 12
Steel Ponies mgccpro 1 80
Wind pajammies 3 76
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aphrodisiac Jtpsops 1 89
Festivus freesteagle 1 46
Ligers bcinsk23 9 67
Maji merritr 2 88
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chargers bruinsfan911 0 51
Generals jying98 3 133
LEAD CLEATS llcc 1 178
Pecans bcpbcp7 7 81
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angels obiewon777 13 212
Canucks diesel3350 7 116
Long Shots mdukes13 11 98
Young Guns ewchippe 2 81
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beavers rquin9 5 230
Bulldogs jongdavis 6 108
Mad Hatters carsanity 0 21
Wrecking Crew midzim 1 57
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bunks cruzich 0 7
Crusaders mr_greek 4 24
Minutemen HAWKEYEONE 1 187
Red Stockings statman527 0 79
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bad Romance zeustis01 8 137
Bombers bigmattr 18 91
Toasted Ravioli kersh03 0 43
Travelers mike1184 21 269
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chains dillontt 4 127
Chinooks wetherjenius 0 38
Mangy Moose Frozenherd 1 71
Mavericks moose821 0 34
World Chat
Douglas Plesac (LF) available. Will pay salary.
Anyone know midzim, the Minnesota team? He hasn't logged in since 10/24, I'm thinking we should be prepared with a replacement ASAP.
Put a bunch of guys on waivers.
Also Will Hammonds (C) & Mikey Bleier (DH) are probably best served on an AL Roster. Willing to trade them for comparable ML talent
Obviously rebuilding here, so Hooks Collins (CF) Trenidad Alfaro (P) Max Aceves (P) are all available. looking for prospects or controllable ML players.
I'm a buyer this season fellas! I'm not a huge trader but would absolutely discuss sending a prospect or 3 your way for an ML All Star.
I have a ton of controllable pitchers and hitters on my big league roster who are out of options and I have no room for them on my big league roster. I would like to deal them for prospects. Open up y...
Juan Soto (P) is available. Looking for prospects or a quality RP at the ML level.
I also have a glut of second basemen that can also play centerfield and are fast and good contact. I will update trade block when available.
Henry Stanley (P) , Wayne Brugeura (P) , Kyle Reese (P) , Frank Thompson (P) , Harry Cruz (P) are all young pitchers. Willing to move or of them. Looking for big bats or bullpen arms.

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