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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
DoubleMints nymatt0728 0 26
Lynx bclantonump 2 113
Machine ghutton9 4 148
Wanderers sjurat 0 15
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colt 45s therunner24 3 45
Commodores KSCleveland 0 1
Mud Hens bkpadre 7 66
RiverDogs dbreez 3 69
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Desert Eagles hatchetman 5 91
Monster alexng6888 4 34
St. Pete Manta Rays dahos 0 58
Yippee Pippees csudak 1 55
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hawks awind 2 116
Hawksux bjschumacher 0 87
Pioneers dfdarby 0 90
Warriors dave456 2 47
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Greens soxfan121 4 56
Moose joev188 0 28
River Rats mbooker 16 647
Squishers goober1967 0 68
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Comiskey's joelshields 1 82
Fire Keepers damage 0 15
Monkeybutlers hypnotoad 4 125
Nats jpax73 0 40
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Avenging Blowfish tubby7242 0 12
Beaches crazydoc 2 81
Spiders jywlkr 0 1
Twins thugmonk 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Daisies Knudervalve 0 16
Giants bigdaddyhank 0 34
Gold Rush getyourown 0 0
Stars jrcpga 19 85
World Chat
Site Staff
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Daric Riggan (DH) hit only out in Home Run Derby...there should be an investigation :)
Cummings was 3rd in RC for AL LFs. Probably just missed the cut.
Or the league OBP leader. WTF?
Yeah - no reason to have the league batting leader (@ 351) on the all-star team
Same with Charley Perry (LF)
All-Star C/DH available Dwayne Wheat (C). . Got a prospect I want to bring up. Just looking for a mid-level prospect.
I am looking for an upgrade at SS and CF for this year's run.
Up here in Tacoma, we are trying to play baseball too...
Unfortunately, the Cleveland Commodores aren't also benefiting from whatever is in the Great Lakes. We must be drinking from the Cuyahoga River that has previously caught on fire instead of from L...

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