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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
DoubleMints nymatt0728 0 25
Lynx bclantonump 1 106
Machine ghutton9 4 146
Wanderers sjurat 0 14
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colt 45s therunner24 3 44
Commodores KSCleveland 0 0
Mud Hens bkpadre 6 65
RiverDogs reigny 0 321
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Desert Eagles hatchetman 5 89
Monster alexng6888 4 32
St. Pete Manta Rays dahos 0 57
Yippee Pippees csudak 1 53
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aurora Jim226 0 0
Hawks awind 2 113
Pioneers dfdarby 0 88
Warriors dave456 2 45
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Friars bkuepers 0 0
Moose joev188 0 27
River Rats mbooker 16 627
Squishers goober1967 0 64
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulls king_jeremy 0 29
Comiskey's joelshields 1 80
Fire Keepers damage 0 13
Nats jpax73 0 37
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Avenging Blowfish tubby7242 0 11
Beaches crazydoc 2 80
Black Sox symonphoenix 0 4
Spiders jywlkr 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Daisies syhwang86 0 9
Giants bigdaddyhank 0 30
Madres jessrond 0 0
Stars jrcpga 19 84
World Chat
I need 3 owners for season 41 of Pine Tar. Great world with lots of long time owners and very balanced. No long term dynasties.
Always - I take it that I either need more money in scouting, or my record in ML has been so bad that anyone coming on my team feels so bad they drop 10 points automatically.
One of my first rounders dropped a legit 20 points overall when I signed him. Anyone else seen discrepancies that big?
Thanks, runner, as I was trying to link his profile to the chat. I'm not sure how to do so though.
or you mean Turner Sherrill (P)
Turner Sherrill (P)
I'm putting my ace, Turner Sherrill on the block now, as I begin to rebuild this roster in my first year in this league. He has one year remaining on his contract after this season, so hit me with...
Hatcheman- yes I know what I am doing. Offering trades to all the teams to try and build my team to be as best as possible. If that's not the point of the game perhaps I am missing something or ju...
jrcpga - it'd be easier to swallow if these types of trades didn't happen every.
single. year. and with guys with 0 seasons under their belt. You have GOT to hold the record for vetoed trades. And the b alls you have to continue to pretend like you don't know what you're...

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