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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Jays GrandWiz 2 88
Tigers frank510us 1 28
Twins kahrtmen 4 57
White Sox t_mcclure24 0 65
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Indians whboone 2 80
Orioles jpcampb 0 23
Red Sox shakazulu5 15 112
Yankees dillontt 4 111
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Astros jgaloski 0 46
Rangers atrain9954 0 32
Rays dlrodriguez 5 74
Royals coneheads 0 145
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angels sjstapleton 0 125
Athletics train 20 238
Canadiens twinsfan2936 0 23
Mariners squarepeg 1 40
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brewers svick39 0 99
Cubs kevin17 1 67
Pirates WiredTiger 12 112
Reds ray2kool 1 54
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves jake72 6 46
Mets kevmax100 2 169
Nationals tk21775 6 261
Phillies ruffleswest 4 142
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues oakman310 6 129
Cardinals captain10a 4 272
Knights dunkuntou 4 58
Marlins fsubwj 0 168
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diamondbacks mlhutch 17 231
Dodgers ebflac55 0 3
Giants chuckie2 2 57
Padres toddemayer 1 30
World Chat
sweet! hadn't caught that ruffleswest.
Combined No-No... Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies
Also Bautista and morales
Coronado, Gonzales, and Mieses.
Poor Ron Glenn (LF) has been on the wire for a month now.
Oh okay interesting. I've seen a lot of people put DH/C at RF because it seems like the random number generator doesn't penalize it that hard.
Very true, simply dont give up outs at 1b.
The great glove at 1b is that you can save more bad throws and not drop as many balls than you could improve a place like the outfield where you do not have as many chances.
You might see players with 20+ plus plays at first because of the number of chances. It;s why I play better players in LF than RF because of the number of chances, rather than follow the games guid...
Voted for Coronado, Wall, Mieses, Morales, Wallace

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