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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Biscuits bigalric 1 318
Destriers godao 3 53
Saint Louis Academics Ribbentrop 0 0
Slammers stone7365 1 113
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Linemen ampipe100 0 40
Millard Fillmores b00gm0nster 2 87
Tea Party deroches 2 54
Titans njcomet 2 244
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bandits GateOfDeath0 0 0
Bats reggiedeal 8 188
Hurricanes urbanjman 1 44
Minotaurs KGP71 0 10
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hammer wrlore 8 213
Hell Raisers clavelleba 0 106
Melting Pots Mr_Kid 0 15
Neon Dingos jazzurb 9 259
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Eh-Trains DonJusto 1 34
Gritizens dwise89 4 46
Perfect Tommy newaggie 4 55
Surf Riders XIII POKEYSAN 27 525
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dead Bunnies sylemark 4 513
DingBats shambo2000 7 169
Fire HWPixHend 0 4
Greyhounds yates3310 0 24
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Athletics kmoyer 0 228
Golfers mikeyoyoma 0 15
SlapRichards gmoney1151 1 55
Storm lvrecsports 2 75
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angels totalpkg504 0 20
EMR austin111 2 55
Pirates idigapygmy 31 273
Thunderbirds Bablamzee 0 0
World Chat
So one question at a time what happens if for instance you do nothing and wait until the first game
minor league free agents get one year deals only.
Hey guys, I am new and have a question. I am looking at some free agents for my minor league teams.
They say I need to up the offer, but when I try to offer more money, I get an error saying "A minor league contract will default to 1 year for the player's minimum required salary. No bonus...
Wakefield is a beast, and should be a first ballot HOF addition!
Joel Taylor (P) Barry Palmer (P) Jhonatan Montanez (P) Charles Strasburg (CF) Dellin Vega (P) got a few log jam casualties solid starters just no where to go.
and a decent CF just no where to put him and he's still under 26. looking for decent talent in return ..yes I know FA just started so i'll post this agin later..but some of us can walk and ch...
and he did it 3 season being traded when he was in Colorado WOW
Sean Wakefield (B) never seen a dude hit straight seasons -hr -rbi..closing in on hits as well. should be a no brainer st ballot when he hangs them up
I have a few arbitration guys I would like to move. I could use a SS or a non man prospect. Ricardo Pascual (P) Perry Davidson (P) Kris Peterson (P) Peter Lim (SS)

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