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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Biscuits bigalric 1 265
Blue Jays beatinu2 0 111
Destriers godao 2 46
Slammers stone7365 0 76
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Linemen ampipe100 0 3
Millard Fillmores b00gm0nster 1 64
old timers marsh_1 0 113
Titans njcomet 2 213
Franchise Owner Titles Season
cheaters Mcflymarty 0 0
Knights peashburg 0 31
Lightning Theangryduck 0 3
Tornadoes purplehaze54 4 315
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hammer wrlore 8 195
Lounge Lizards clavelleba 0 54
Retired Postal Workers jazzurb 8 212
StRangers mgreed1954 0 118
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Comatose ParlanceGuy 0 24
Dirty Works majnun 10 87
Orca's bossmao 5 103
Perfect Tommy newaggie 4 41
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dead Bunnies sylemark 4 435
Dirty Deed$ mbrake 4 210
Reds Redst 0 3
Schrutes tkonerman 0 44
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Athletics kmoyer 0 160
Blaze rsmith215 1 50
Cardinals scarpio 0 67
Racers davidlove 0 51
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulldogs burton2231 0 134
EMR austin111 2 33
Pirates idigapygmy 24 223
River Rats trndkll101 1 57
World Chat
Need one owner in Johnny5Bench to get a new season. Team left is in NL. Went 70-92 last season. If you’re looking for a fun rebuild in a league with great owners, please check it out. Thanks.
First game loss 2 to 1 . rookie catching gets only rdi
Not saying you're wrong, just saying I didn't get the same drop. And what drop I did get wouldn't have been worth the injury risk and fatigue issues to prevent.
Well, what do i know anyway
Just went through all of them. Exactly two players lost points...Rio Lilly lost one point on each of his splits, one on GB/FB, and one on his first pitch. Xander Nunez (P) lost exactly one point,
on his fourth pitch. Not one other player lost a point on any rating. I've always read it has zero effect, but even if that is the effect, I'll take that over the inevitable four long-term...
As an experiment, look at anyone on your team that didn't play in spring training that is 28 or older. I just looked at mine and they all dropped. Look at any MLB free agent that hasn't signed...
From what I have read in the forums, there is no decline for not playing in ST,
it just means no ratings boost for younger ML players who might otherwise get a bump. And the consensus is that fatigue accumulated in ST does affect regular season fatigue/injury, so I generally tr...
Does anyone know if playing more spring games means that your lower stamina players will degrade sooner in the regular season?

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