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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Biscuits bigalric 1 286
Blue Jays beatinu2 0 122
Destriers godao 3 49
Slammers stone7365 0 88
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Furloughs urbanjman 1 19
Linemen ampipe100 0 15
Millard Fillmores b00gm0nster 1 73
Titans njcomet 2 225
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cats oldhoss17 0 20
cheaters Mcflymarty 0 7
Knights peashburg 0 35
STARS mrx39 3 171
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hammer wrlore 8 203
Lounge Lizards clavelleba 0 73
Retired Postal Workers jazzurb 8 231
StRangers mgreed1954 0 130
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beefsquatch Mark17Grace 10 81
Cincinnati Chili DonJusto 0 10
Comatose ParlanceGuy 1 42
Perfect Tommy newaggie 4 47
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dead Bunnies sylemark 4 462
Dirty Deed$ mbrake 5 237
Dueling Donkeys shambo2000 6 150
Schrutes tkonerman 0 47
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Athletics kmoyer 0 184
Blaze rsmith215 1 59
Cardinals scarpio 0 108
Racers davidlove 0 60
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulldogs burton2231 0 149
EMR austin111 2 42
Pirates idigapygmy 27 243
River Rats trndkll101 1 67
World Chat
If anyone needs a CF, Sparky Jamison (CF) is available.
Good player out of Minor league options. Only owed $500,000 this season. I am looking to flip him for a minor leaguer of equal value of a ML or ML ready power bat that is not a DH. My budget is ti...
Would like to move back end starter Douglas Williams (P) for a prospect.
First offer takes it.
Stud closer in first arb season Benny Pulido (P) can be had...the catch? You must take BOTH Rio Lilly (P) AND Albert Negron (LF) contracts in the deal.
I will throw in $5M for this season, but will not take contracts past this season in return. It's quite a nasty catch, but the team that takes the plunge is getting a hell of a closer.
Very good prospect Diory Astacio (RF) can be had by whoever takes all of Juan Hernandez (CF) contract off my books.
Wakefield is still here if you need a big bat and miss out in free agency. I will definitely pay $5 mil of his salary.
Kelvin Weeks (P) available. TC me
Tanyon Hogg (B) still avalable.

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