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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brats N Beer Thunderlipsi 0 18
Dingers goldglove69 1 11
Grays rumski20 1 41
Slammers krisr 0 77
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Badgers eddiewinslow 0 47
Jayhawks thorku 8 58
Keystones dahlfan 1 95
Kodachromes tycam99 0 23
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Roughriders obiewon777 13 254
Senators jarodbona 0 68
Stars mwroberts 3 56
VooDoo Kings brickyard9 6 207
Franchise Owner Titles Season
[L. Ron] HubbardHouse tlowster 0 34
Lumpies pitboss13 4 142
Lunas dewersansoda 1 23
Moose Drool HAWKEYEONE 2 248
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chin Music TXLnghrn 13 114
Deep Dish Mpena513 0 14
Lakers jasonbhag1 6 62
Wheels jake72 12 101
Franchise Owner Titles Season
FlapJaws ktryan 2 38
Grit Cooriador 0 11
Ice Storm tbarden 0 117
Moose bcpbcp7 11 108
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Comics gusta487 4 61
Greys broadwayevns 4 101
Lips rockindock 2 213
Sunspots kmoyer 0 152
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bugs nickpiecoro 6 36
Demons Tukeduke07 0 17
Gladiators PFru 0 8
Vikings aperala7 0 35
World Chat
I lead the league with 16 1-run losses already - like seriously just shy of half my losses are of the 1-run variety. Frustrating season again - and why I still have starting pitching for sale.
Yeah, the AL North is a frikkin blood bath. I peeked at the franchise rankings recently and the North had 4 out of the top 5. It is like the NL Central (real MLB) from a few years back.
Loving my 5-9 1run record right now. My team sucks but still those should be more coin flip type results
I've had those topsy turvy run distribution seasons before. In season 48,
my team went 15-30 in one-run games and had a .576 expected winning percentage with an actual winning percentage of .469. I remember going through the awful motions that season -- winning games by l...
Also the guy that I traded to Detroit continues to perform great against me haha
Series I just finished against Detroit is my season in a nutshell: lost 3 of 4 games by a total of 10 runs, then win 1 game of the 4 by 11 runs.
AL wild card race is about to be insane.
AL North looks fun. Reminds of my AL North in Glavine.
Vic Wilfredo (RF) is available.

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