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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
black sox ptwoner 4 103
Black Wolves wine22 6 83
Catamounts rowle1js 1 3
Stars notrekane 0 17
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Clowns affvid 0 6
Commuters wizbang1943 0 106
Red Sox n1ckdn91 1 3
Virginians wilkowep 2 39
Franchise Owner Titles Season
athletics demonchildme 0 55
Diablos Rojos lylediekmann 9 82
Heaters bigronnie 1 110
Lollards billhowell75 12 500
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Oilers randy_can1 0 2
Pickwicks campvegas 0 34
Pounders strikeout26 0 14
Tacos Whiffler 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canucks zigbi 16 102
Pirates idigapygmy 15 152
Redlegs bearcat74 0 129
War Dogs johnnywaxhaw 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Clones Kylo_Ren 4 24
Gilt Edge jnewton 0 23
Gothams mrtheedge 0 68
Statesmen waydogg5 2 70
Franchise Owner Titles Season
89ers ajb_101 0 59
Colt .45s vanrip77 0 26
Crackers mikewcu 0 13
Sounds bearclan1 0 140
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Alohas nnyland 0 0
Millionaires treming930 0 28
Trolley Dodgers jway11 4 117
Vice City crazyballa 0 2
World Chat
Johnny Stewart (P) has been added to the trade block. Send proposal or trade chat me if interested.
Ohhh, I didn't see that. Wow...
He pitched in 19 games.
How is Joshua Davis (B) of the waiver wire sitting at %???? Guy hardly he holding out?
Getting some interest in my ML guys.
I officially added them to the trade block, so if there is anything anyone is interested in please offer a trade up or message me. Looking for prospects. Willing to package prospects into the deal...
Arquimedes Espinoza (P) needs a change of scenery. TC if interested.
The rebuild is coming along great. I still have three All-Stars to help the solidify your team. Akinori Higashioka (SS), Jose Puente (P) and Jim Kaufman (P). All prime players...
Thinking about the future...I'm looking for a prospect that's projected to be a good SP. I'm willing to package prospects and/or current ML guys together for the right one.

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