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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Wolves wine22 8 108
Bombers Macattackiv 0 9
Rough Riders ParlanceGuy 0 4
Stars notrekane 0 29
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Clowns affvid 0 31
Deer blue mug 2 88
Monsters KingConan 0 0
Palmettos mdymond 11 180
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diablos Rojos lylediekmann 9 97
Heaters bigronnie 1 174
Lollards billhowell75 15 629
Timberwolves ericsomsel 1 49
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bears TheDuck127 0 0
Solitude flbarons 0 124
Uecker-Braves YankeeGr8tes 0 3
Wild Mustangs mskakunan 0 53
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canucks zigbi 21 131
Macrobrews jamier2003 5 103
Pdx Riffs ammopunk85 0 1
Red Legs ronazbill 6 181
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Clubbers Bhyson23 0 1
Colts waydogg5 3 85
Gilt Edge jnewton 0 49
Gothams mrtheedge 0 77
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colt .45s vanrip77 0 33
Crackers mikewcu 0 25
Rangers texanblack94 0 0
Terriers mike22182 0 11
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Menthols TXExpress713 0 8
Pilots nnyland 0 7
Seals crazyballa 0 10
Trolley Dodgers jway11 5 132
World Chat
Congratulations on the no hitter Toronto.
Guillermo Fernandez (P) available cheaply. Make offer or TC me.
Everyone on my roster is available .
blue mug
Yasiel Mendoza (P), Dave Fields (P), Danry Arruebarrena (P), Socks Cordova (P), all available.
blue mug
Trade block updated.
When we lose in Ottawa, we do it right. In 6 losses, we've surrendered a combined 78 runs, and our 8-0 loss to Mexico City was the only loss where we gave up single digit runs.
I voted, but can't recall for whom.
I admit. I did not vote. But I had limited communication while on vacation. I can’t remember the last time I did NOT vote. At the same time I’m not losing any sleep over it.
Of all my leagues, UBA is by far the worst voter turnout/strictest for HOF
People need to vote. Only 40% of votes were cast.

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