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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Badgers Tunaphysh 1 37
Chi Town Copper Sox CopperGlaser 0 0
Crawfords TXExpress713 0 11
Mustangs buddy996 2 75
Franchise Owner Titles Season
600's ruffleswest 7 166
Baseball Stars nesman 5 179
Blue Legs ltlbird3 3 37
Trash Haulers tmfran 8 638
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brooklyknights mrclutch_24 0 22
Flamingos eric1214 1 189
Jacks danzimmerman 0 131
StRangers mgreed1954 0 106
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bongos congobillie 0 55
Greenhorns warrior0510 0 241
Notorious Sinners yumen442 1 14
Rocky Mountain Oysters buckeyes09 1 48
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dinos mktulu2 2 65
Pilots mike1184 22 284
Red Barons Malcolmx1414 0 7
Table Smashers stolinoli 9 43
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulls fsubwj 1 216
Kickpunchers arcticlegend 8 128
Ol'NuWINDz the_wacker 0 59
Whereabouts golsen 7 124
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colonels lukeb31 9 88
Revolvers tajohn 2 57
Secession b00gm0nster 1 55
Tarpons dayte327 1 217
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Deplorables nalleyjohn 1 110
Kahyukwile?shúha? kingkai53 0 173
Rio Rico Tribe pipers2013 0 27
Rockets Rodneyhuff 3 113
World Chat
Kelly Campbell (P), Arnold Ross (P), Artie Sinclair (P) and Victor Coronado (P) are available for trade.
Looking to move some ML pitching for ML middle infielders if anyone is interested. Lots of talent available.
Ivan Borders (SS) available to bolster your IF. TC with interest..
Yes you are good at 20 million.
ok , I have 20 m in Propect payroll. I'm ok ?
The max you can spend on prospects (draft + IFA) is 30 million. So you can transfer 10 million into a maxed out prospect budget but not any more than that.
could someone explain the Propect cap to me? I just don't understand.
A reminder to everyone to not forget about our Private World Rules, especially the Prospect Cap. Please review.
Looking to deal closer Ramon Kim (P) for a legit ML SS.
Larry Davis (P) is available for anyone needing a SP - he wants $. over yrs.

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