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What is Hoops Dynasty?

Hoops Dynasty is a college basketball simulation game where you get to work your way to the top of the college basketball coaching world. To assemble your squad, you'll need to scout for talent and recruit players with a limited budget and hundreds of other coaches competing with you. You'll coach your team through an entire season. Schedule non-conference competition, gameplan for each opponent, manage playing time, watch your RPI, improve your seeding during the conference tournament, then compete for the National Championship. Will you be able to build your Hoops Dynasty?

Recruit Your Own Players

Scout players from across the country to find the talent you're looking for. Then let the recruiting phase begin. Once you locate the right targets, show them how much you want them in the hopes of convincing them to play for you!

Coach Your Team

Set your depth chart and substitution system to get the right matchups for your players. Determine what offensive and defensive systems to use and fine-tune your style of play. Decide who should be the focus of your offense, how to handle foul trouble, and more!

Compete For Prizes

Get your team on the winning path in conference play, and jockey for a spot in the National Tournament. Battle against the best teams in the country and try to survive. Do well and win prizes!
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Build Your Dynasty!

Think you know college hoops? Then prove it. Can you build a program to compete for the championship year after year! While not quite a college basketball video game, Hoops Dynasty is the best college basketball simulation game since 2004. HD provides you the opportunity to showcase your skills and compete for prizes against hundreds of other like-minded fans. Get Started Today!