Welcome To Hoops Dynasty World Selection

We're glad you are interested in playing Hoops Dynasty, the award-winning college basketball simulation game. But now, it's decision time!

HD is comprised of unique worlds, each with its own set of actual conferences and schools. To become a coach, you must first choose a school. The quickest way is to select one of the suggested teams. Or, you can dig into a world and search for a specific school. Interested in joining a friend already playing the game? Ask him/her to send you an invite.
Available Worlds
World Season Next Signups Qualified Jobs Games/Day  


Regular Season
Season: 90 Signups: Sat, Aug. 27
3:00 AM ET
Qualified Jobs: 305 DIII Games/Day: 1 Reserve A Team


Regular Season
Season: 90 Signups: Mon, Aug. 22
3:00 AM ET
Qualified Jobs: 298 DIII Games/Day: 1 Reserve A Team
How does this work? + -

If the world is listed as accepting new coaches, that means the world is in between seasons and if there are jobs available that you are qualified for, you can apply for one. If all of the available jobs have been taken, you'll be placed on a waiting list.

If the world is in progress, you have the ability to reserve a job (if there are any available that you are qualified for). Reserving a team will hold that team for you until the next season begins. No one else can take that team while you have it reserved. You will be notified via email once the season in progress concludes.

If the world is preparing to start a season, then it is not currently accepting new users or reservations. You will be placed on a waiting list which will notify you via email once the world is open again.

What do you mean by "that you are qualified for?" + -

If you have never coached in that world, you'll be starting at Division III. So while there may be jobs available in DI and DII, you're not qualified for any of those jobs. If you've coached in that world before, you may be qualified to apply for a DII or even a DI job.

How does the waiting
list work? + -

If you check for a job and there are none available, you'll be automatically added to the waiting list. Everyone on the waiting list will be notified via email when jobs become available or if a new world is started. New jobs are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Why do worlds play different amounts of games per day? + -

Different worlds progress at different paces. The 1 game/day worlds will simulate one game overnight during the season. The 2 games/day worlds will simulate the overnight game and an afternoon game each day during the season. So those worlds will move through a season more quickly. Choose a world that works best with your schedule.