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#12 Theme Leagues Q. What's a theme league? How do they work?
  A. Theme leagues are full-season SimLeagues with a theme that all participants must adhere to. You can create a Theme League by choosing the 'New Theme League' option on the 'League Draft Options' page when starting your team. From there, you have full control over a wide variety of rules that all teams in the league must follow. Plus, you can always create your own additional rules and post them in the 'Theme Rules/Notes'.

Examples include 'The Seattle Mariners League' where every player in the league must have played for the Mariners that season and the '1970s Alphabet Soup League' where every player in the league must be from the 1970s and each team must have a player whose last name begins with a different letter of the alphabet. The possibilities are endless!

Theme leagues are private by default for 7 days, meaning the league number will not be posted on the available theme leagues page. After 7 days, the league number will be made public.

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