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#127 Roster Management Q. How do rookies work?
  A. Rookies are fictional players created for each team. Three rookies will be created for each team and will have an Offense, Defense, Rebounding, and Durability rating. The Durabilty rating indicates how long a player can play before becoming fatigued and how injury prone a player is. Rookie ratings are on the scale of A-F, where A is the best and 1-10 where 10 is the best.

Initially rookies will be placed on the Inactive List located in the GM's Office. Once the season starts owners may activate players at any time with no limitations. To activate a rookie you must deactivate another player, so there must always be three players on the Inactive List. Players on the Inactive List will not play in games until they are activated.

Rookies are intended to fill in during injuries and/or play some mopup minutes during blowouts.

NOTE: Rookies are only generated for full-season leagues. For theme leagues, the founder may set an option to not allow rookies.

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