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#148 Gameplay Q. What are the player Ratings?

Player Ratings are used to indicate the relative performance of players and team units for various categories. These Ratings will help compare performance between players and team units from different eras. If two players are rated the same in a category, then their performances should be similar. This was done to allow older players to be used with newer players without worrying about the style of play that was used when they played. For this reason, it is suggested that you look at ratings, rather than stats, when comparing players or determining expectated performance.

Durability Rating affects injuries and how many games you should expect that player to participate in. When building your team, make sure you have enough Durability to keep a team fielded all season. Keep in mind that players may become injured even if they do not get their full number of plays in a game. Durability is the key to injuries.

Stamina Ratings affect how many plays a player will typically make in a game.

Performance Ratings affect how well a player or team unit performs. Most perormance Ratings are based on a 1 to 100 scale, with average performances being 50. Ratings above 50 indicate and above average player, and Ratings below 50 inidicate a below average player.

Helpful Hint: When looking at player Ratings for past players, it may be a better indication of expected performance to find a current player with similar ratings and see how he performed, rather than looking at the past player's stats.

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