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#158 Coaching Options Q. How do I save and load my own Playbooks?

On the Offensive Playbook page in the Coach's Office, you will find a Load Playbook section and a Save Playbook section at the bottom of the page. After settings a team's Offensive Playbook for all downs, you can then save that Playbook to one of your three User Playbooks. Enter the name for the Playbook and click the Save Playbook button. Select which of your three Playbooks you want to save using the drop down list. If you do not enter a name, it will take the name of the Playbook you are replacing.

To load a Playbook, select the Playbook you wish to load in the drop down list and click the Load Playbook button. You can choose one of the Standard Playbooks or one of your User Playbooks. Once the Playbook is loaded, you may modify it for that team by changing the plays and clicking the Save First Down Plays (or whichever down you are saving) button.

Note that changing a User Playbook from another source after loading it into a team will not change the team's Playbook. You must load the Playbook again for the team to get the updates.

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