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#178 Theme Leagues Q. What do each of the theme options mean?
  A. When you start a theme or Dynasty league, you have the ability to customize some of the rules of the league. Here is a explanation of each.

Allow Waiver Wire -- you can choose whether or not the teams in this league have access to the Waiver Wire.

Allow Minor Leaguers -- this lets you choose whether each team will be given 6 minor league prospects at the start of the season.

Max Players Out -- you can specify the maximun number of players a team can have out to injury or suspension at a given time.

Allow Trades -- you can choose whether or not to allow teams to trade players in your league.

Number of Votes to Veto Trades -- This simply allows the league founder to specify how many votes each proposed trade needs against it before it is cancelled.

Playoff Intensity -- Simulated sports games calculate their outcomes based on averages. Using each player's real life numbers, the simulator finds the average in each statistical category. For example, if someone played 80 games and scored 20 goals in a particular season, he averages 0.25 goals per game or one goal every four games. The simulator uses that same average all season long and it never changes no matter how good he is doing in a particular SimLeague. While this is the nature of simulating sports based on real stats, the "What If" questions start creeping up come playoff time. Would he still shoot for that average if he was playing in an intense playoff game in front of a sold out home crowd? Would the pressure be too much? Everyone can agree that hockey teams tend to step it up a notch in the playoffs. So based on abundant feedback, we felt it would be interesting if we introduce an optional "intensity" factor for the playoffs. Now you'll be able to see who will step up and who will crumble under the pressure of the Stanley Cup playoffs!

Relaxed Roster Requirements -- In an open league, you have some flexibility to change your roster around, but you must keep at least 10 forwards, 5 defenders, and 2 goalies. This is not including minor leaguers. Using this option ignores these requirements. You will only have to keep a total of 23 skaters and 2 goalies, but the positional requirements are not enforced.

Max Number of Players Out -- If you don't want your league to be plagued with injuries or suspensions, you can set a maximum number of players any given team can have out at a time. Once a team reaches this number, any in-game injuries or ejections will not carry on past that game. The team will not lose any more players until one or more of their players return.

Private League -- if you wish to hide the league number, choose this option and no one will be able to join your league unless you give them the number.

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