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#187 Team Management Q. How do I know when each line and pair plays?
  A. The "Sim Coach" tries to change lines around every 30 seconds and pairs around every 60 seconds. At even strength, you will cycle through your Scoring Lines 1, 2, 3, 4 then back to 1. Pairs will cycle through Defensive Pairs 1, 2, 3, then back to 1. In powerplay situations, PP Lines 1, 2 and PP Pairs 1, 2 will be cycled. In shorthanded situations, SH Lines 1, 2 and SH Pairs 1, 2 will be cycled. In a regular season overtime period, the even strength rotation will be: 4-on-4 Line, Scoring Line 1, 4-on-4 Line, Scoring Line 2, 4-on-4 Line, Scoring Line 3, 4-on-4 Line, Scoring Line 4, then back to the beginning of the rotation.

You can verify when each line and pair played in your games by looking in the boxscores and then opening up the play-by-play windows. In the top-right corner of the play-by-play window, you can check an option to show all line changes. Line and pair changes will appear in the play-by-play highlighted in light green.

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