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#189 Roster Management Q. How do Minor Leaguers work?
  A. Minor Leaguers are fictional players created for each team. Six of them will be created for each team and will have a Stamina, Shooting, Skating, Toughness, Saving, and Defense rating. The Stamina rating indicates how long a player can play before becoming fatigued. The Toughness rating is how likely he is to be penalized.

Initially minor leaguers will be placed on the Minor League Roster located in the GM's Office. Once the season starts owners may activate players at any time with no limitations.

Minor Leaguers improve with ice time. If you click on a minor leaguer's name in the GM's Office to view his profile, you can read the coach's comments on his improvement. When he improves, his skill ratings will increase slightly in various areas.

NOTE: Minor Leaguers are only generated for full-season leagues. For theme leagues, the founder may set an option to not allow minor leaguers, as well as specifying the default skill level of the minor leaguers in the league.

For more information on theme league options, see knowledge base article #178.

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