Category: SimLeague Hockey
#190 Team Management Q. What are offensive lines? Who should play on a particular line?
  A. Your hockey team has nine offensive lines that you need to set. Scoring Lines 1-4 are the main even-strength lines. Typically, you would place your best scorers on these lines. Powerplay Lines 1-2 are the lines that play when you are on a powerplay (other team has players in the penalty box). You would also want to put a player on this line that can score. Shorthanded Lines 1-2 are lines that play when your opponent has a powerplay (you have a player in the penalty box). You would want to typically put players on these lines that are better defenders. The 4-on-4 line only plays in regular season (not playoff) games since the sudden death overtime period in a regular season game is 4-on-4 instead of the normal 5-on-5. Also note that you can place a player on more than one line, but it is recommended that you do not over-play a player. This will cause him to fatigue. While we have listed some basic line strategies here, it is up to you to step up as the head coach and find the combinations that work best for your group of players.

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