Category: SimLeague Hockey
#202 Team Management Q. What is "Line/Pair Profiling" and how do I turn it on?
  A. This feature allows you to save a default group of players for each line and pair. If you find a player combination that works, saved them as the default profile for that line or pair. Then later on, if a player suffers an injury or suspension, or if you change your lines and pairs to experiment with new combinations, you can recall the default profile at any time if you wish. If you find a better combination, you can always update the default profile at any time.

The feature is turned off when your team is created. To turn it on, go to your Coach's Office. In the Line Management section, click the Advanced Line Settings option. Then, check the "Line/Pair Profiling" option and click "Save Settings." Once you've done this, each line and pair will have two additional buttons to set the defaults and recall the defaults.

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